Friday, May 28, 2010

We Are Outta Here

We are off to the lake for the long weekend. We are so excited to be taking Drew and Jaxon along. I cannot wait to see this new experience through their eyes.

I have my camera packed, my book, and a few other little projects to keep me busy.

Check back next week for pictures.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before and After

Since I am a college student I am able to get software for super cheap. Now, I need to let you know I am SO NOT computer savvy so I rely on Matt when it comes to adding or deleting anything to the computers. So, this past semester he sent me to the campus bookstore with a list of software to buy (I had no idea what I was buying, just going off the list). The only thing I was concerned about was the Photoshop.

I have had this now for months and have never had the time to really sit down and try to figure it out. Let me tell ya, when I first started playing with it I was completely out of my league. I immediatley began searching for some tutorials to help me out because I have NO idea what I am doing.

I just finished my first (of what is definitely going to be many) tutorial. Let me know what you all think.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black and White Wednesday ~ WE DID IT!

I know, I know, you all have patiently been waiting for an update. I sincerely apologize for my lack of keeping you in the loop, but things here have been crazy. Crazy in a good way.

I can't even tell you the last time I posted to Black and White Wednesday, but I do know that it has been way too long.

Overall things are going really well. I mean that knowing that we have only been home a few weeks and we are all still adjusting to a family of 8. I think the biggest contributor to my lack in posting is the amount of laundry I am doing now. Seriously! I had alot before, but now it is ridiculous. My laundry room has been re-named "Mt. St. Laundry." I think I am going to be employing a couple of teenage boys to help out in that department very soon.

A little over a year ago we set out on a journey like no other. When we started the process to add Drew to our family we had no idea what was in store for us. Shortly after accepting the referral for Drew we were faced with the news that the substantial grants that had been applied to him were being revoked due to the economic hardships of many of the donors. It was at that moment that we were faced with our first challenge. Do we continue forward knowing that this adoption was going to cost way more than we had originally planned or, do we just stop the process all together. After hours of contemplating what to do, Matt and I both decided to take a leap and rely 100% on our faith that we were doing the right thing. So, we we continued the journey that was laid before us.

Andrew Isaac Hong Chun

This past year has been consumed by walls that needed breaking down. Hurdles that needed jumping over. Roller coasters that just when you think you are near the end, take another turn into the unknown. Mountains and mountains of climbing to the highest peak only to find out there is one higher and steeper on the other side. This past year has been nothing but a test of our faith. I like to think we passed.

What started out as a need to fulfill a dream has turned into so much more. Shortly after returning home with Mylee I knew I would return to China. Adoption has not only changed our family, but it has changed me as a person.

It is no secret of the financial struggles we had to bring Drew home. It is no secret that we had to set aside our pride to ask for help. I have been completely amazed by the overflowing support we have received from family, friends, and complete strangers. WE DID IT! And by WE, I don't just mean Matt and I. I mean each and everyone of you who donated. Those who helped to spread the word. Those who supported us even though you think we are crazy. Those of you who e-mailed me privately saying that although you could not help financially, you were praying. Those prayers worked, so thank you. Each and every one of you had a hand in bringing our boys home.

And just when we were beginning to think we had accomplished out mission, He reveals to us the bigger plan, His plan by adding not just one son to our family but two.

Jaxon Xin Ming

I know I've said it over and over, and I will continue to say it. There is absolutely no way we could have brought Drew home let alone Jaxon without your help and our Faith that we were doing exactly what He had planned for us. There is no other explanation than the simple fact of with Him all things ARE possible.

The above pictures are proof of that.

I plan on updating soon about how everyone is doing. I thank you all for being so patient with me during our transition from 4 to 6.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day ~ A Day Late

Mother's Day for me is becoming more and more special. I have been blessed beyond measure. When I was little all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. I loved playing house with my sister and neighbors. We had a log cabin play house in our backyard complete with a play kitchen. We would play in that house for hours with our baby dolls. As I got older, I traded the dolls in for a car and hanging out with friends, but my desire to be a mom never weakened.

When I went off to college my original major was Pre-Law. After a year of majoring in Pre-Law I decided that being a Lawyer and a mom was not going to work for me so I changed my major to Psychology/Social Work (I am still working on it).

Blake was born a year and a half after Matt and I were married. He is the one who made me a mom. His voice is the first to call me mom. Because of him I get to celebrate Mother's Day as a mom. Over the years I have had to much to celebrate and be thankful for.

Two years ago I celebrated Mother's Day in China full filling a long time dream. On May 8th 2008, Mylee was placed in my arms for the very first time. There's not much that can top having your child placed in your arms for Mother's Day.

This year not only did I get to celebrate Mother's Day with my 6 kids (I never thought I would say or write that), but Emma had her First Holy Communion yesterday. What a gift it was to see my daughter walk down the aisle of Church to receive the Body of Christ for the very first time. Emma was absolutely stunning in her white dress. She was SO excited to finally get to this point. For those who are not Catholic, this is a big deal in the Catholic Church. This is one of our Holy Sacraments and the kids worked all year all to get to this day. We were so proud of her.

I will be posing more about our China trip and how everyone is adjusting sometime this week. I did manage to get my tests taken and my paper written in time but things are still crazy busy. Luckily now that I am done with school for the semester, I will (hopefully) have more time to get other projects done.

Enjoy the pictures...

Seriously, can she be more beautiful?

Of all the pictures I took yesterday, this was one of my favorites.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We arrived home safe and sound on Sunday evening right on time. The flights were long, but everyone did great. It's amazing what a little Benadryl can do (per our doctor's instructions).

We were so happy to see so many people meet us at the airport. It was sooo good to see familiar faces. Jaxon was a bit overwhelmed, and even began to tear up at one point. Drew was also a bit overwhelmed but didn't take long to warm up to everyone.

Both boys are doing great and are becoming more and more comfortable with their new home. Drew has had no problems jumping right into things. Jaxon has surprised both of us and is also getting into the swing of things.

I would love to tell you more (especially since we now have normal internet), but I have finals this week, two tests and a paper to write by Firday so I will have to wait until after that to go into further detail. I cannot wait until this week is over and I can really begin enjoying our new boys, being home, and becoming a family of 8.