Thursday, June 25, 2009

Explanation and Some Pictures

Many of you have asked what happened to Emma. Last weekend we were at the lake celebrating Father's Day (pictures following) and Emma, Matt, and Mylee took Sadie (our dog) for a walk. Well, Sadie decided that walking was just not working so she took off running while Emma was holding onto her leash. Emma did not let go quick enough and was drug a few feet on the pavement. When Matt asked her why she didn't let go, she said "becasue I didn't want Sadie to run away." She is actually healing quite nicely. Yesterday she went swimming and the scabs fell off so she looks much better. We are putting anti-scaring cream on three times a day and so far it seems to be helping. My only concern is that she is now going to have a small area on her cheek where she will not have any freckles. :( I LOVE her freckles, luckily she has plenty more.

Other than the issue with Emma, we had a wonderful weekend at the lake. The kids went swimming, they fished, they rode the boats, it was such a nice relaxing weekend. Enjoy the pictures.

Daddy caught a fish and Mylee could not wait to check it out.
fathers day 09 083

These guys LOVE to fish. I honestly don't know where they get there patience.
fathers day 09 080

fathers day 09 075

fathers day 09 074

fathers day 09 052

I LOVE this picture. Emma looks so deep in thought.
fathers day 09 040

fathers day 09 039

fathers day 09 009


Cheri said...

Great pictures and ((hugs)) to Emma. I can see her point in not wanting the dog to run away. Ouch though. Glad you had a great get away.

Kathy said...

We used the anti-scar cream on my little boys burn scar and it worked great ! We put it on the scar about 3 times day for a month and the scar is gone. BTW , Great pics !!

TanyaLea said...

Beautiful photos! I love how you captured the moments so well...they tell a story! :)

And poor Emma!...I love her "dedication" and commitment to her dog. Glad the scabs are falling of and healing well. My Breanna had a similar scar a couple of years back while participating in a scooter race with her boy cousins. Needless to say, she didn't win...but the sidewalk did! We also used cream for anti scarring and it worked pretty well. Though with summer, be sure to use a good sunscreen or the new skin will burn much quicker than the rest of her face. Hope her freckles come back...I love them, too!! :)

And thanks for the nice comment on our blog. That would be SO neat if we met in China! :)


Rebecca said...

What precious pictures... love the "forever sisters" one and the one of Emma deep in thought... I am so glad that Emma's ouchies are healing up!!