Friday, July 24, 2009

100 POSTS!!!

Wow, I cannot believe this is my 100th post! WooHoo! I know many bloggers have a giveaway for milestone posts, but since we are saving money to bring Drew home I am sure you will understand us not having one this time.

First off, I would like to thank all my bloggy friends who have hopped over to my ebay auctions and bid and won many of my children's clothes. The last of my auctions end this afternoon so if you haven't had a chance, go check them out there are still some great items left to bod on.

In adoption news, yesterday we FINALLY traveled to Indy to be fingerprinted. I feel like it has taken forever to get to this step but I am so thankful that it is over. Now, we just wait for our approval, which once we get that I will hand carry it back to Indy to our Secretary of State for his approval, and then it is off the the Chinese Consulate in Chicago for their seal of approval. After that, it is off to our agency for a once over and then to China. I am hoping and praying that we will be DTC (Dossier to China) by the end of August/first of September.

Other than that, there is really not a whole lot going on here right now. I am working on a few things for another fundraiser/raffle which I am hoping to have ready by next week. Oh, what do you all think of my new blog makeover? I still have a few more changes, but the majority is done. I am thinking of doing a few makeovers as a way to make some money to help with our adoption expenses so if you are in the need, or simply just want to change things up a bit let me know and I can get started on your new makeover right away. Just leave a comment or e-mail me and we can work out all the details.

I got on New Day's web-site like I do everyday and was so surprised to see so many pictures of Drew on their. The preschool kids made cookies the other day and played dress up. From the following pictures, it looks like they had a great time.

Drew with his little ladies. Sophie, Victoria, Drew, Adah, Emily

I think we may be in trouble in a few years with this little guy. Although our phone is already ringing off the hook for Blake with girls calling him. HELP, I am so not ready for this!

Oh how I LOVE those cheeks!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a blessing of beautiful pictures! He is quite the ladies man, such a charmer. I know you all cannot wait to bring him home.

amy said...

What a doll!!! I love his cheeks too! You can see how well loved he is. I cant wait to meet him! I love your new blog.

Shelly and Family said...

Congrats on the 100th post! And I just love all the updated photos you have of your little man! Thank you for sharing...

Tami said...

Happy 100th!!

Your blog looks great!! I love seeing Drew's face in the title bar:-). You're getting closer to bringing your boy home!!


Dawn said...

Mandi, thanks for stopping by my blog...Your family is so beautiful...and your new little guy is such a cutie. It looks like he is in a great orphanage as well as the pictures are just so precious!

Lori said...

Oh my heart! Those pictures are adorable!! What a cute little guy your Drew is! Wow, what a blessing he will be to your sweet family!

Love your idea for blog makeovers...I'm getting ready to send you an email right now.

DiJo said...

SOOOO precious!!!!! I just love seeing the gifts that you all get from New Day! Soon the best gift of all will be in your arms!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi
I came across your blog through Tami's. I was at New Day last week and met your son. He is absolutely darling.
Best wishes to you and your family!