Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Black and White Wednesday ~ 4

Once again it is time for Lisa's Black and White Wednesday. For more great black and white pictures, go here.

Mylee turned 4 on Monday February 15th. I wanted to post about her then, but things here have been so crazy that I just did not get the chance. I did manage to post a slide show of pictures yesterday. Oh, and for those that asked, I did not make her cake, but I do take full responsibility for the design.

It is hard to believe Mylee is now 4. I think it is hardest for me to grasp simply because I missed the first two years with her plus, she is the tiniest little thing, she does not look 4 at all. Mylee is an absolute joy and such a blessing to our family. Mylee is smart, happy, spunky, spirited, affectionate, determined, and she can be very stubborn. She loves to craft and scrapping paper (her version of scrap booking). She loves to dance and sing and play with her babies. She loves to go into Blake's room and dance to his stereo. She adores Emma and tries to anything Emma does. When Emma is at school Mylee asks about her constantly. Mylee and Gabe are the best of friends one day and each others worst enemy the next. They are truly brother and sister in every way. Mylee is definitely a mommy's girl, but here recently she is ready and waiting to go with daddy (which is SO nice). Even though Drew is not yet home, Mylee is one proud big sister. She loves to tell anyone who will listen about Drew, her "Chinese brother."

Mylee is an amazing little girl and I am so blessed and lucky to call her my daughter. I cannot imagine our family without her. For years I dreamed of Mylee, I dreamed of her almond shaped eyes, her light brown skin, and her silky black hair. For years I wondered if my dream would ever become a reality. On a hot, sunny July afternoon I sat at my computer staring into the eyes of a beautiful little girl. She had almond shaped eyes, light brown skin, and hair as black as the night's sky. She sat in a walker dressed in yellow with the most serious look on her face and beads of sweat on her forehead. Staring back at me from my computer (I have to say that I have chills as I am typing this) that day was not just my daughter, not just any little girl, but THE little girl from my dreams. It was the same face, the same eyes, the same skin, and the same hair. It was then, through the tears in my eyes, that I knew without a doubt that she was our daughter and we were about to begin the journey of a lifetime.

Mylee has only been a physical part of our family for 21 months, but she has been in our hearts always. It is hard to realize that she has only been with us for 21 months because it feels like she has been with us forever. It is hard to think of a time when she wasn't a part of our family.

I don't think I can end this post without thanking the two people I admire so much, Mylee's birth parents. We know very little about the first few days of Mylee's life. We will never know the circumstances of her birth, or why she was abandoned (we can only assume), but what we do know based on the information we do have is that Mylee's birthmother/father loved her very much and only wanted the very best for her. It is because of their love for their child that we are able to call Mylee our daughter. It is because of their selflessness that we were able to turn a dream into a reality. So, I ask you today to say a prayer for Mylee's birthparents that they have peace in their hearts and are some way aware of the decision they made 4 years ago has not only changed Mylee's life for the best, but for the lives of those she has and will touch.

Mylee, we love and adore you more than you may ever know. You are an inspiration to us, and a dream true. You brighten our days with your smile, you melt our hearts with your hugs, kisses, and multiple "I love yous."

For more birthday pictures scroll down to the previous post. If you haven't already seen it, you must check out the cake, it was gorgeous.


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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Happy Birthday Mylee! Mylee and I share the same birthday! Your post was absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Adoption is amazing and changes you in so many ways! And you captured the pure beauty of your daughter!!

Many Blessings,

Wanda said...

These are all great images. (Four is such a special birthday - I know you'll enjoy her.)

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I abolutely love the last picture with the little bit of color..
She is a beauty...Happy B'day to your sweet..sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthdy to your girl! She is so.stinking.cute! Love her cupcake too :)

Mommy Rachelle said...

such a beautiful prayer request. Wishing you a wonderful week. Mylee, your Mama is a special lady - - I know because she adores you and the people who fulfilled her dream.

God bless.