Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ Gabe is 6

Gabe turns 6 today. I cannot believe he is not only 6, but is registering for school today and lost his first tooth on Tuesday. It is almost too much for this momma to handle in one week.

Gabe is my baby. He is a momma's boy through and through. He was two weeks early and weighed a whopping 7.5 lbs. He is SO tiny compared to Blake and Emma (who both weighed 9.5 lbs). Unlike Blake and Emma (who were also 2 weeks overdue), he was early due to complications I was having. My pregnancy with him was by far the scariest. For whatever reason (still don't know), my heart rate would start racing, I would start sweating, and black out. I remember one time Blake, Emma, and I were out of town at a mall and I had one of these episodes. I laid on a bench for over an hour before I was able to drive home. It was pretty scary. I was scared, and so were Blake and Emma. After that, I wasn't allowed to leave town again alone. I ended up being hooked up to a heart monitor, and had several other tests. Nothing showed up, so two weeks before my due date, I was induced.

I thought Gabe was going to be it for us. Because of the complications, we decided we were not going to have anymore kids. (Yeah, RIGHT)!

Anyway, Gabe is the most loving boy. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me he loves me. He will crawl up on the couch and snuggle with me.

For a 6 year old, Gabe is as serious as they get. It is actually quite funny because he is So serious All the time.

He loves to help Matt. If Matt is working in the garage, Gabe will be right there next to him with his tool belt around his waist and a pencil behind his ear (just like dad).

Gabe LOVES to fish and his patience is amazing. He will sit on the pier still as a mouse until he catches something.

Gabe says the funniest things. Last summer he saw a bee and could not wait to tell me that it was a queen bee. When I asked him how he knew it was a queen bee he said "because I could see her crown." (He was dead serious).

Recently he has been telling us he sleeps with his eyes open because he doesn't want to go to bed. When it is time for bed he will tell us "I don't need to get in his bed because I am sleeping right now. Some people can sleep with their eyes open and so can I." Again, he is dead serious.

Gabe is a great big brother. He and Drew have a "love, hate relationship." One minute they are the best of friends, getting along so well, and the next, they are screaming at each other and fighting like cats and dogs. But, if anyone else is a threat to Drew or Mylee, you better look out because Gabe is right there to defend them.

Gabe is the most persistent 6 year old. Actually, I am not even sure if persistent is the right word to use. The broken record method doesn't work on him, in fact, he actually uses it himself. If he gets something in his head, there is no getting it out. He will ask, and ask, and ask. There is no stopping him. You can't tell him anything until you are going to actually do it or you won't hear the end of it. Someday, this quality is going to be very beneficial to him.

Gabe is the sweetest, most loving, caring, little guy. He is an absolute joy. He comes down he stairs every morning and will sit on my lap for five or ten minutes before eating or getting dressed. He starts kindergarten next week (only half days) and as much as I am ready for the kids to go back to school, I am going to miss that little guy.

Happy Birthday Pumpkin, I cannot believe you are already 6!


Tara Anderson said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe!!! He's got one of the coolest birthdays a guy could have...I was born exactly 25 years before him! LOL! Hope you have a great day celebrating!!! And getting him registered for school...we've gotta do that, too! :)

Brendan and Melissa said...

Awwww! I love Gabe and hope he had the best birthday yet!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Happy Birthday!!

I have not been on your blog forever and it was nice to catch up!! Those food dishes are making my mouth water just looking at the pics!! Is he available for hire??? :-)

Toni Tralala said...

AWWW! Happy Birthday to Gabe! He looks like a riot. I found it so cute when he said, "because I could see her crown." I love the innocence of children. If you want to brighten up your day, talk to a child. Stress free!

Happy birthday to him. :)