Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Time Has Come

After six weeks of tissue expansions, surgery, and 9 weeks of being in two different casts, Mylee is finally back to walking upright. We started this last set of treatments back in August (almost 5 months ago) and finally, she is out of her cast for good.

Mylee was so excited to get her cast off. She began counting down about a week ago. Everyday she would get up and tell me "I have 5 more days until I see Dr. Loder and he takes off my cast. I think Mylee was more excited about counting down to getting her cast off than she was about Christmas morning.

Finally getting that stinky cast off.

When we went in yesterday we were not 100% the cast was going to come off, so we did our best to prepare Mylee that there may be a chance she would get a new cast depending on how well her leg was healing. Once the cast was off and Dr. Loder looked it over, he said if it were completely up to him he would leave it off and begin physical therapy. But,we had to make sure it was okay with the plastic surgeon who thankfully gave the go ahead as well. Honestly, after seeing the incision area I was so afraid she was going to go back home with a cast.

This is what the inscision area looks like. Apparently the black stuff is not blood which is what I assumed, but dead skin and will fall off. It is pretty disgusting.

Making sure Drew gets a peek and telling him not to touch it.

She took a nice long soak in the tub this morning which I think I was more excited about than her. It has been about 9 weeks since she has had a "real" shower or bath. She was pretty sore at first and again this morning, but she is up and walking around on two legs. One of the things she was excited about was that she was going to get to wear two shoes again. Unfortunately, because of where the incision is, she hasn't been able to get a shoe on, but I don't think it will be long.

As for now, we are done with surgeries, casts, or anything other than physical therapy for a while. Dr. Loder will see her back in 2 months, but does not anticipate any further surgeries in the near future. Basically, they will wait to see how she grows and how well she is walking as she grows. She will never walk "normal," she will most likely always have balance issues, she will never be able to fully bend her knees or completely sit crossed legged, but she will most definitely do her darnedest to try and never gets discouraged when she "can't" do something. As a matter of fact, there is no "can't" in her vocabulary because even if she can't do something like the next person, she will do it her own way, in her own speed and with a smile on her face. Mylee is one amazing little girl. She is tough, and I mean really tough. I don't know many people who could go through all that she has in 5 short years (yes, she will be 5 next month) and still come out smiling and wanting to give everything she does 110%. She is such a joy to have and be around and we are more than blessed to call her our daughter.

Next on her to do list, snow. In her own words, "Now it just needs to snow so I can finally make a snowman and sled down the hill."


Girly Girl Mommy said...

You go girl!!! What a blessing to have the cast phase behind you all. I'd be excited about a bath too, after that long! Hope Mylee gets her snow wish soon :)

connie said...

Mylee is such a trooper! Thank you for posting an update. A blessed New Year to you, my friend!

afj2016 said...

So glad that she was able to get her cast off, I can't imagine! Praying for her that she'll be able to wear 2 shoes pretty soon and that it wont be sore! What a little trooper!


Laine said...

MYLEE!!!!!!!! you are a miracle! I'm so glad you have that cast off and could enjoy a long come on SNOW! :)

Brendan and Melissa said...

So happy to see that tiny, little leg again! We love you, Mylee!