Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend update

Last Friday Mylee's Nanjing "sisters" (along with their moms) came over for a play date. Below are pictures of 4 of the 5 that are home right now. Unfortunately, Elsa was not feeling well so she was not able to make it. We missed you Elsa and Susan. Anyway, I surprised Tara who is Ava's mom by having a little "party" for miss Ava because she turns 4 today. It was alot of fun. The kids played, we ordered pizza, ate cupcakes and Ava opened presents. Below are some pictures taken on Friday.

Millie, Clara, Mylee, Ava

On Friday evening we went to Emma's school for their annual Fall Festival. The theme this year was something to do with cowboys and cowgirls so Emma had to wear some sort of Cowgirl getup to school on Friday. Luckily, we had just the thing in our enormous box full of costumes. The kids really enjoyed the carnival, games, candy, balloons, and their friends.
Sunday was my birthday so we went out with some friend's on Saturday night. We ended up at a steak house and then bowling. Unfortunately I will NOT be posting those pictures as they are WAY too embarrassing.

Mylee in the jumping castle

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