Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Back

WOW, it seems like forever since I last blogged. December is such a busy month for us. We have had Christmas parties and get togethers every weekend and they will continue through New Years. It's really nice to spend time with family and friends especially those we don't see very often. But, I am looking forward to a weekend of having nothing planned.

Anyway, this past weekend we got together with Matt's side of the family. Every year we get together. We have a potluck dinner, visit, and Santa even comes with gifts for the kids. Every year I enjoy going there, but this year was a bit more exciting we were able to share our newest addition with everyone. This was also Mylee's first experience with Santa. She was a bit skeptical at first. She watched patiently as the other kids sat on his lap and opened their presents. But once she realized that Santa was giving our candy canes, her patients began to wear a little thin. Mylee LOVES candy, any kind, and will do just about anything to get some. Once she realized candy was involved, she was all about sitting on his lap. Not only was this her first time to sit on Santa's lap, but this was her first gift to unwrap as well. The whole time she was on Santa's lap, she kept peeking into his bag of candy canes. She was so cute. Blake, Emma, and Gabe sat on Santa's lap as well, and you can see from the pictures below, Blake was the most excited about it. Because of the age difference in him and Mylee, Matt and I told him that he will have to sit on Santa's lap every year until Mylee doesn't believe anymore. It took him a minute, but he realized that he would be about 16 and still sitting on Santa's lap. Let's just say that he wasn't all that enthused. He's a pretty good sport about things like that though. I wonder what the chances of getting him to wear festive colors next year???

This whole week I have been studying for my finals. I had my last final today, and it is the one I am most worried about. MATH. I am not a huge fan of math, in fact, I am completely math illiterate. I cannot wait until next semester is over and I have taken my last college math test. I think I may throw a party. Anyway, I have no idea how I did on it, but am looking forward to see what my grades are this semester. And I am definetly looking forward the the next 3 weeks of NO SCHOOL (for me that is)!

Enjoy the pictures, and hopefully I will be able to update more frequently now that I don't have my nose in math and psych books.

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