Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I fully intended on posting over Christmas break, but I simply never got around to it. I really enjoyed having the kids home from school and having a break from school myself. I took the break to clean out closets, toy boxes, and try to get everything else organized. For the most part it was successful. Every time I got on to update the blog, something else came up, or one of the kids wanted to play a game, or with a new toy. So, about a week into their break, I decided I was going to take a "blogger" break as well.

Now that everything in back to a normal routine, I figured it would be a good time to get back updating.

Christmas was great this year. It was such a joy to watch the kids on Christmas morning, and see everything through Mylee's eyes. She was so much fun to watch. Every time she opened something she really studied it. Or, if it was any type of clothing, she would lay it out on the floor for all to see. Overall, everyone had a great time, and as usual the kids got way too much stuff (the reason I had to re-organize and clean out).

I have added a slideshow of pictures from Christmas this time rather than taking the time to upload each picture. I hope you enjoy it.

I added a slideshow of pictures from Christmas to share with everyone. Enjoy! And I will be back later this week with more updates.

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