Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update in Pictures

These last few weeks have been quite busy to say the least. I thought for sure once the holidays were over things would settle down. Not so much. This past Friday our Nanjing group met for our monthly play date. We also celebrated Elsa and Clara's 2nd birthdays which are in January. The play date started out a bit different this time. We have been working with a local reporter who has met with us and is writing a story on the support group that we started for ourselves as well as our girls. We first met with her in December where she just met with the moms. Last Friday she came to my house for the play date and brought a photographer. We are so excited to get our story out and more importantly advocate for all the SN children left behind. The reporter called yesterday to let me know that the story is going to run in the Sunday paper. Once I know when it runs, I will put up the link.

Little Miss Clara

Clara~ Birthday Girl

Elsa ~ Birthday Girl

Mylee enjoying the cupcake she helped make


Mylee, Clara, Elsa, Ava, and Millie enjoying the party

Mylee helping decorate the cupcakes~they were quite colorful

Mylee during therapy

For those of you who continue to ask, I finally have an update on Mylee's progress. The first of January I took her back to her doctor at Riley. Unfortunately, Mylee has not made much progress since November. In other words, even though she has made some progress, her measurements have not changed since November. So, after evaluating Mylee again, her doctor has suggested that we go ahead with surgery. She will go in on February 18 to have both heel cord tendons cut as well as the main muscle in her left knee. She will spend only one night in the hospital and will come home with full leg casts. She will be in the casts for about 6 weeks, and once they are removed, she will start intensive therapy.
Please keep Mylee in your prayers as she goes through this. As much as we tried to avoid surgery, at this time it is the only option left. Mylee is such a trooper that I am sure she will get through this just fine. She continues to amaze me at how well she is able to adapt to everything that has been done to her in the 8 months she has been a part of our family. It is just a testament of the resilience these kids have.
On a lighter not, after much deliberation, Matt and I have decided to send her to pre-school twice a week. Because she ages out of First Steps in February when she turns 3, sending her to a "Special Needs" preschool is our next option. Not only will she be in an educational environment, she will also continue to get the physical therapy to strengthen her muscles.

Blake, Emma, Gabe, and Mylee sledding

Enjoy the pictures, I will be back once I get my math caught up (UGHHHH)


Chad and Tara said...

Mandi,I love the special effect of the black and white with some added color. I'm going to have to ask you how you did that.


amy said...

what great pictures. I am bummed I couldnt be there to see all the girls!