Monday, June 21, 2010

Is This Your Daughter?

You all (or at least most of you)know that Drew was blessed to be part of New Day Foster home. I cannot thank New Day enough for the care they gave him during his 3 1/2 years. Without New Day, Drew would have died. I know that is not something we like to think about, but it is a fact. Drew was born with several medical issues, one of which was a severe umbilical polyp (basically part of his intestines were sticking out his belly button). If the polyp had burst, Drew would have died immediately. Thanks to the New Day staff, they took Drew from his home orphanage in Inner Mongolia to Beijing to have the life saving surgery he desperately needed. During one of his surgeries the doctors told the staff that they did not think he would make it through the night and to begin making arrangements. Not only did Drew make it through the night, but he has overcome most of his other medical issues and unless you saw the scars yourself, you would think he was a healthy little boy.

We can only thank God for forsaking him that day, and for New Day for taking a chance and providing our son with the medical care he needed. Because of them, we are able to call him our son, and could not imagine our family without him. The minute I saw his chubby little cheeks I knew without a doubt he was our son. He is in every sense of the word, our son.

New Day does an amazing job of preparing their kids for their new families. The day we met Drew (at his foster family's home), he was exciting and waiting for us. He came to me right away with no apprehension and hasn't left my side since. He has been the same way with the other kids. He was so excited to get home to them. In fact, on the trip home every time we changed planes he would get off looking for Emma.

Because of New Day, Drew was able to speak and understand not only Chinese, but English as well. From day one he has understood everything we have said to him. He knows how to count, his ABC's and a boatload of songs. He is one smart little boy. Before we left New Day gave us a bag stuffed with all of the artwork Drew had ever done, three CD's with pictures and videos of Drew and an enormous amount of documentation regarding any and all medical procedures he has ever had or any medication he has ever taken. If you have ever adopted before, you know how important that alone is considering most parents get one sheet of paper that is supposed to reflect their child's entire medical history.

Pictured below is a little girl named Raegan. When we visited New Day we were lucky enough to get to visit the other kids as well. Most of the kids were a little hesitant to the "strangers," but not Reagan. She willingly let Blake and I hold her and she was simply the sweetest little girl. Raegan is currently part of New Day is and also on an agency's list. For more information on Raegan go here, here , or here.

Raegan is in need of a family. Could she be your daughter? Raegan is on the CCAI list.

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