Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Advocating for Jenna

Like so many children all over the world, Jenna is in need of a family. Right now her file is with WACAP and it has been for at least a month. The first couple of times I saw her picture I thought she looked familiar, but didn't put two and two together until just last week. Even though the picture on WACAP and New Day's site looked identical, their birth dates were different which is why I probably didn't think too much about it. Until the other day.

I wasn't even on the computer and something told me to check it out again and compare their pictures side by side. I did, and I know without a doubt that these two pictures, were of the same girl.

I immediately contacted Rita from New Day's Forever Home (which is where Jenna lives) to see if she knew Jenna was on an agency's list. I sent her the picture and bio, and she too agreed that both pictures looked very similar but that the birth dates were off. So, she said she was going to look into it and see if it was in fact Jenna.

I just got an e-mail back from Rita that the little girl on WACAP's waiting child list is in fact Jenna.

When we were visiting New Day I was able to meet several of the kids and Jenna was one of them. I was told that Jenna is from the same orphanage as Drew and she hasn't been at New Day long. I don't know why, but since meeting Jenna I have not been able to get her adorable little face out of my mind. She has the same chubby cheeks as Drew, maybe that is why. Or maybe it is because she is from the same place as Drew. Jenna was very shy when I met her, but I remember the sparkle in her eyes. She needs a family, and some family out there needs her. I know she is not our daughter, could she be yours?

Because of Jenna's age she lives with Rita and her family at New Day's Forever Home. Jenna has been diagnosed with selective mutism. In fact, she has said several words, and continues to make huge improvements. For more information on Jenna, please call WACAP.


Tara Anderson said...

Praying that Jenna finds her forever family!!! She's always tugged on my heartstrings as well. :)

WilxFamily said...

I met Jenna at New Day! She had just come to New Day...maybe a week or so prior? She had a sweet & spirited personality. I can definitely see her thriving in a stable home...soon!

Wow...that makes THREE ND kiddo's with papers floating out there.

Lexilooo said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I am sponsoring Jenna! I've been following New Day/Forever Home for a while now and was wanting to sponsor a child there (I sponsor two little girls through World Vision, one in Albania and the other in South Africa) and wanted to be sure that my finances would allow for another child.

Very soon after she arrived at New Day and I saw her photo, I fell in love! I'd love to be able to adopt her, but right now, that is not a possibility. I began sponsoring her about two months ago now and I love seeing her updates and improvements!

Curious, what are the two birthdays you saw for her? I have one in July...and I'd like to send a birthday package, though I know I will send goodies for the other girls too!