Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mylee's Frog Prince

Jaxon loves animals. He catches anything and everything. He's caught bunnies, fish (with his bare hands), turtles, he digs for worms and bugs, you name it, he's all over it. In some ways it completely grosses me out (I am so not a bug catchin girl), then on the other hand, it amazes me that he is able to catch so many things. I mean, how many kids do you know who can catch a fish with his bare hands?

Anyway, the other day he and Blake were mowing Matt's dad's lawn and on their way home they caught a frog. I guess it was a pretty big frog (I wasn't here but Matt could not wait to tell me all about it). The boys brought the frog back and after a while of playing with it Matt told them to take it to the pond.

Mylee asked Jaxon if she could carry it and of course he let her. All the way to the pond (which is just across the street) Mylee was talking to the frog, singing to it, and yep, you guessed it, kissing it! Honestly, when Matt told me that I thought he was joking. He was dead serious.

Of course Matt asked Mylee why she was kissing the frog....

Matt: "Why were you kissing the frog?' Mylee: "Because I wanted it to turn into a prince." (she is dead serious) Matt: "Did it turn into a prince?" Mylee: "Nope, he was too tired so I was just kissing it goodnight before I put it to bed in the pond."

As if that wasn't enough, Jaxon caught another frog last night (a much smaller frog) and Mylee had to get up close and personal again. As soon as she was done kissing her newest victim, she looked at the frog for a few seconds and said "nope, this one's not a prince either," gave the frog back to Jaxon and walked away.

Just a reminder from my last post, Jenna is still on WACAP's Waiting Child List. For more information on Jenna please hop over to Rita's blog. She has done an entire post on Jenna and the progress she has made since arriving at New Day. Oh how I wish we were able to go back for her...


Tara Anderson said...

Too funny! And, whoa...I am totally impressed with Jaxon's skills! Maybe one day he'll have his on show on the Discovery channel. :)

Rebekah said...

How funny! And what a neat skill for a big brother to have. Lots of fun for the other kids!

*Overflowing* said...

Oh my goodness..that is hysterical!!!

Sweet little Jenny...Praying her family is found soon!!