Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just One More

Thank you all SO much for your thoughts and prayers yesterday. Unfortunately there was not much else in pain medicine they could (or would) give Mylee, so she was in quite a bit of pain again. As usual, the doctor was running very behind again so we had to sit around and wait for almost two hours before we were seen (which doesn't help).

By the time the doctor came in we were all pretty much ready to go. So, when he came in and started looking at her leg he said that everything was looking great but that he wanted to get one more inflation done before the surgery next week. So, we are now going back on Thursday for the LAST inflation. I thought Mylee was going to come off the table and strangle him (literally) when she heard she was going to have to come back again. She immediately starting crying saying she didn't want to see Dr. Havolik again and that she didn't like him because he made her hurt (this was BEFORE he did the inflation). Although Mylee nor I want to go back on Thursday, knowing that this will be the last visit is a little comforting.

Most of the trip home she was crying and screaming that she "hated" Dr. Havolik, and that she hated this day. I feel so bad for her because there isn't much I can do. It does seem to help if we get out and walk around for a bit before we head home so since I had my friend and the other kids, we stopped and walked around a mall for a bit, went to the Chinese grocery store for Jaxon and even made it to a fabric store. By the time we made it to the fabric store Mylee was feeling much better which made the trip home much easier.

So, Mylee was once again in quite a bit of pain yesterday and most of the morning today. She is one strong little girl though as she was determined to go to school today (which she did) so she practiced walking.

With all of that being said, the plan is to do one more inflation this Thursday then she will go in next Tuesday for surgery. The surgery is basically cutting the tendon in her ankle, stretching it, and sewing it back together (which is the same thing they did to her knees a while back). She will be put back into a cast which she is pretty pumped about. She will have to spend one night in the hospital, so assuming all goes well, we will be home sometime on Wednesday.

Continued prayers are appreciated, especially for the final inflation.


Kristi said...

Thanks for coming by my blog recently. I'm glad I stopped by yours in time to be praying for your sweet Mylee.
Sometime when you don't have as much going on I'd love to chat with you about New Day!

Anonymous said...

praying here! so sad for one more...but will continue to pray! and then for next week!!!! oh boy, our girls are so strong!

love to you,

The Ferrill's said...

Praying for Mylee Thursday...so sorry she has to do another one...and praying God will be so merciful in every way on that last day!
Praying for strength for you too, Mandi. It's hard on mommas when their babies have to endure so much.

living4him5 said...

Hey Mandi,

Just getting caught up on my blogs. Please know I'm praying for sweet Mylee and all your gang.

Much love,