Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black and White Wednesday ~ Happy Birthday

Wow, it seems like forever since I participated in Lisa's Black and White Wednesday. I have finally got my act together (at least for today) and decided to post something today, as it is a bittersweet day for us...

Half way around the world there is a little girl who is turning 9 today. Will she celebrate? Will someone sing happy birthday to her as she blows out the candles on a cake? Will she make a wish as she blows out the candles? Does she even know it is her birthday? These are all the thoughts I have going through my head today. Our plan was to be have a cake delivered to her today along with a letter introducing ourselves to her as her new family. We were going to send a care package with pictures, an outfit, and a few other trinkets to let her know we are thinking about her. Unfortunately, none of that has happened.

Keliah is from a very small orphanage in Shandong Province and we are having a hard time finding out if she is able to receive anything. Honestly, we are not even certain any other child has been adopted from her orphanage. We do know that she was only one of two (from the Dezhou City SWI) that attended the Journey of Hope program. I have been searching for a Yahoo group of other adoptive parents from her orphanage with no success.

So, we have someone in China checking to see what the heal is and if we can send something to her. I just want her to know that in less than a year she will have a forever family with many brothers and sisters just like she wants.

But for today, all we can do is think about her, pray for her, and continue to work as hard and fast to get everything done so we can travel to bring her home.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. This WILL be your LAST birthday alone.


Maryvel Friesen said...

Oh my! I sure hope your story will soon be a successful story like Lisa's. All the best to you as you bring this beautiful girl into your family!

Suzanne said...

I will say a prayer for your sweet girl. Happy Birthday Keliah Faith!

Kayce said...

I hope you guys can find some information out soon! Your girl will be in my prayers! Happy Birthday to Faith!

TanyaLea said...

Praying you get the info and connections you are seeking!

Happy 9th Birthday, beautiful Keliah!! :) You are loved!

afj2016 said...

Happy Birthday to Keliah Faith! I also wanted to tell you how much I LOVE her middle name. Faith just happens to be my middle name as well. : )

Aly said...

Dearest Mandy,
Sorry that i'm so behind in reading the blog... Praying for your sweet Keliah Faith, that she will soon know that she is loved, cherished and wanted! Praying that you will be able to send her mementos of your family and her her brothers and sisters. Am also praying for your Blake. Diabetes is tough, but, Blake will be okay! We will continue to pray for him as he adjusts to his new "normal".
Hang in there my friend!
Much love,
p.s. Adahlyn sends Drew her love.

Kathy said...

Happy birthday Kaliah Faith !!! You are so blessed to be going back to China and adopting again !!! Your daughter is beautiful and looks so sweet.

Thanks for the comment on the dress. I did not make it and I love the fabric too. If I come across that fabric I will let you know. I've been looking for it.

living4him5 said...


I am so stinking excited for you all!!!! Your sweet daughter is the same age as my Madelyn! I am praying for you girl!!!

Much love,

Mike and Barb said...

Congratulations! Your new daughter has such a sweet smile!
Wishing you a very quick process! Barb