Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Far, So Good

Mylee is doing fantastic! She is awake, alert, and really doing well. We just got settled into her room, ordered room service and is talking up a storm. She has already won over the nurses here, asked lots of questions, and is eating a salad (from the parents table) while waiting for her food to arrive. She hasn't had anything to eat since dinner last night so she is starving.

Dr. Loder came out after surgery to let us knot that everything went really well. He was able to release tendon as much as he could so we will see how well it works. He did say that in all his years of surgery he has never seen so much inner scar tissue. Apparently Miss Mylee has alot of internal scar tissue that they had to work around and take out. For now she has a full leg cast on and will for awhile. They want her to come back on Friday to the surgery center so they can remove the cast to see how well the incision is healing. He also said that while they had the cast off and she is under anesthesia he is going to push on her ankle to force it to bend a bit more. As for the cast, right now we don't know how long she will be in it. Dr. Loder said that the longer she is in it, the scar tissue can form in that position which will giver her more flexibility in her ankle.

Getting a present from Aunt Brandi

Mylee is happy and content eating her beef, noodles, green beans, and sherbet for desert. Assuming all goes well tonight, we can go home in the morning.

Prayers for a good and restful night for both of us would be greatly appreciated.


Anita said...

Wonderful news to hear how well she came through surgery, eating and ready to probably get out of there, too!! Praying for a night of peaceful sleep for the both of you. :)

Kel said...

Thinking of you and your brave little girl! So beautiful even sitting there in hospital!

Donna said...

SOOO happy to hear she is doing so well! Praying for her to be comfortable and for quick healing!

Love to you all! Please give her hugs for us!

Anonymous said...

she looks GREAT!!!! :-)

i can't believe how OLD she looks and big! has it been that long since we've seen each other???! ugh!

so so happy she is awake and doing so well!

and you? you hanging in there friend?!!!

love and hugs to you,