Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is not a post I had wanted to write, but we just felt there was no other choice. After contacting all the contributors and getting their okays, we have decided to extend the Vera Bradley Fundraiser for a bit longer. Obviously I would love to be packing up purses right now to their new owners, but we need to raise a little more money.

These purses and bags were NOT donated, we purchased these on our own knowing they would be used for an adoption fundraiser. So, we have to at least cover our costs.

I wish with all my heart and soul that we didn't have to fundraise. It is not something I look forward to. I wish we could just get out the checkbook and be done with all the money, but the reality is we can't. I know there are families out there that can and at times I envy them for that (I am only human). There are times when I question whether we are doing the right thing (again, only human). I mean come one, four adoptions in three years? If someone would have told me three years ago when we came home with Mylee we would be going back not just for one, but for three more, I would have thought they were nuts.

The journey to Kalia has been filled with roadblocks, hurdles, and even a few mountains, but we have made it through all of it. With each setback we have doubted, we have questioned, and we have prayed about whether we are supposed to be doing this. But with each setback, we have also been convinced that we are right where we are supposed to be, doing exactly as He had intended. He has showed us time and time again we are Kalia's family and that we just need to continue to have faith in Him.

So, we are extending the original Vera Bradley Fundraiser in hopes that we can come a bit closer to our goal. As of today we are on day 92 (YES, 92!) of our LOA wait. According to our agency, as of August 16th, we were "in process" so we should be getting our LOA very soon which will hopefully still put us traveling in October/early November. We still have quite a bit of money to raise, which I know we can do. We have done it before and I have seen much more raised in much less time. But like so many others, we can't do it alone.

The new chipin in has been added to the right and I am working on a button that you make copy and paste. Please spread the word about our fundraiser and more than anything, please pray that we are able to be united with Kalia very soon.

Below are the pictures of the bags and purses in the fundraiser. There will be a total of 11 winners. These would make great gifts with the holidays coming up. Just think, not only could you be giving the gift of a great bag, but by making a small donation, you will also be giving a little girl the greatest gift of all, a family.

vera bradley

#1. This is the Buttercup pattern. This set includes the Honor Roll duffel bag, Tootsie purse, Please Hold wallet and the Make Me Up makeup bag. This would make a great set for a little girl or even a tween.

#2. This is the Purple Punch pattern. You will get the Saddle Up purse, Double Eye eye glass case, and the Compact Wallet.

#3. This is the Puccini pattern. You will get the Double Eye eye glass case, and the Taxi Wallet.

#4. This is the Bali Gold pattern. This set includes the Stephanie purse, Double Eye eye glass case, and the Compact Wallet.

#5. This is the Carnably pattern. This is the Stephanie purse, the Double Eye eye glass case, and the Euro Wallet.

#6. Make Me Blush pattern. This is the Reversible Tote purse, and the matching Taxi Wallet.

#7. This is the Call Me Coral pattern. This is for the Cha Cha Hadbag, and the matching Best Bud wallet.

#8. This is the Patchwork pattern. This is for the Medley Tote.

#9. Palm Beach Gardens Pattern. This is for the Pretty Tote purse.

#10. This is the Day and Night pattern. This is the Comin Up Roses Handbag and the matchin Best Buds Wallet.

#11. This is the Loves Me pattern. This is for the Comin Up Roses Handbag and the matching Best Buds wallet.

I know pretty cool, uh? These are some great bags for both big girls and little girls. Emma has one of the Tootise purse and Best Buds wallet and LOVES them. In fact, she was begging me to let her keep the Buttercup set, but backed off when she realized it was to bring Keliah home.

So, here's the deal. All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you will be entered to win one of these awesome prizes.

1. For every $25.00 donated, you will receive 5 entries!
2. For every $50.00 donated, you will receive 10 entries plus a free bracelet (pictured below) in your choice of color.
3. Post about the fundraiser on your blog, receive 3 entires!
4. Post about it on facebook, receive 3 entries!
5. Become a follower, receive 3 entries!

Please use the Chip In button to the right. I know there are some people who do not like or don't have a paypal account so if you would rather donate another way, please contact me at



Jolene said...

I donated (loving me those purses and totes!) and I am a follower.

Jolene said...

I shared this on my blog.

Jolene said...

I shared on FB! Hope you get some movement on these purses to bring home Kalia!

I'm loving that Medley Tote so please put me in on that! Thanks!

CompassionMama said...

I donated and I'm a follower. Praying this brings in lots of money for your girl!

megadog said...

What a LOOOONG LOA wait. You have been much more patient than I ever would have been. I am going to try to donate next week when we get paid. We did your last fundraiser and won the MOST adorable bows. You do such a great job and work so hard at raising funds. It's very inspiring.

grtlyblesd said...

I'll be sharing on Facebook, and I have a question about how the drawing works. Do you choose which winner gets which bag, or are we supposed to put our "chances" toward specific prints? Thanks.

Mom to my China Posse said...

Im following and shared on FB. I hope you reach your goal, we just got home with our daughter in July and we had to fundraise .I totally understand where your coming from, kathy

yvette said...

We donated, are following and posted on our blog

Your Kalia is beautiful and can't wait for you to bring her home!

Jenny said...

I became a follower and posted about your fundraiser on FB! Praying for your LOA soon!!!

Lori said...

I'm a follower! Found out about this through!

Lori said...

Posted a link on my fb!

Lori said...

Just donated $25!

Lori said...

And last but not least I put a post on my blog. I really hope and pray you get the funds you need. It always amazes me when God comes through for His children - love seeing this happen!

Wendi said...

Hello! I donated, followed, blogged and face booed!:):)

Jeannette said...

Just shared on facebook. I love the Purple Punch so please put me in on that. Thanks!!