Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The dictionary describes a friend as the following...


1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile
4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.
5. a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.

I think I have friends who fall in each category of their definition. I have very few "close" friends. Not that I am not a likable person, I just have always had only a few very close people I turn to.

I have many people I would consider friends in every other send of the word. People from the kids' school, Church, etc. I have friends that I see or talk to everyday.

Then there are those people whom I have never met, but would consider them a friend as well. Most of those people have blessed my life through adoption. These are people who know what it truly means to adopt, and have total faith that He will make it happen. These are people I e-mail, text, or call for prayers or whom do the same for me. I have never "met" them, but sure hope someday I will get the chance.

Yesterday I was going through the mail. Emma always gets it after school and was pretty excited because there was a new American Girl catalog in it. As I was sifting through the bills, junk mail, bills, magazines, and more bills I came across a small yellow envelope that looked like a card of some sort. I looked at the return address which was "Friends, our city, and zip code." To be honest, I thought it was some sort of advertisement or coupon from a local business so I sat it aside for a minute. Once I was through with everything else I went back to it, opened it and was surprised to see a money order for $500 with a note attached.


We have know clue who or where this came from. We have never had anything like this happen before with any of the other three adoptions, so we were quite surprised. More than anything, I think Matt and I are both in awe of the generosity of people. Those we know ad those we don't. This money will help immensely with bring Kalia home. Every little bit helps, it all adds up.

So, to our "friend," Thank You. We appreciate this more than you know. You have once again helped us to see that we are on His path, and that He will make it happen. You have helped us get one step closer to bring our daughter home.

I know I have talked a little about Matt and I continually asking God of we are on the right path with Kalia's adoption. Right out the door, things have not gone as planned or taken two and three times longer than average. Just this past weekend we talked about how the doors seem to close, but they NEVER fully slam shut. There has always been glimmers of light from cracks int he doors and then for whatever reason, they swing back open and we are once again walking through doing our best to get our girl home.

We truly believe everything happens for a reason even if it is not clear to us now what that reason is.

Throughout the adoption we have planned on taking Emma and Jaxon knowing that there was a really good chance only one or neither would actually get to go. They both desperately want to go, for completely different reasons. Unfortunately, we did have to let Emma know that there is just know way she is going to be able to go this time. She is upset, but does understand. With the costs of everything going up, it just isn't possible.

I applied for my Visa today. We should have it back by next Friday. Jaxon's application was not part of the package. The decision to take or not take Jaxon is still up in the air (sort of). As of now, he isn't going. We simply cannot afford it. Matt and I talked again this morning about it and have decided to go ahead and plan as if he isn't going and if it is God's plan for him to go, then He will let it be known. If we need to we can apply for an expedited visa for him, but didn't want to spend the money now if he may not be able to go.

I really want him to go. I know he really, really wants to go, but the reality must come down to money. I know he will be upset and disappointed. I know he will probably think us not taking him is a personal attack. But, I keep telling myself that Kalia is the reason for the trip. She is the reason we are traveling back to China.

So, for now we are just sitting tight, waiting to see what happens. If it is meant for him to go, then it will all work out.


Jean said...

It is such a hard decision and often it is a decision out of necessity... and necessarily what we want.

It is a struggle for both Jim and I togo together- very expensive and if we weren't getting two - only one of us would go.

I am sorry for Jaxon and Emma. It is especially hard when they don't get that they can't go cuz of money- it's nothing against them- it's just the way it may have to be- ugh!

connie said...

I just love it when God shows up big in totally unexpected ways! Your 'friends' are awesome!

TanyaLea said...

Isn't it neat how faithful our God is! I pray that whoever gave you that 'gift' is blessed 100-fold for their giving hearts and generosity!

Praying for Jaxon and Emma's heart to understand. I really hope something happens that provides for Jaxon to go yet. I know they both want to go, but I can see it being of even great importance for Jaxon. I know God is in the details and He can make it happen!

God bless! <><
~ Tanya