Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Birthday Wish

I have dreamt of this day. I have had visions in my head of how we would celebrate. My visions are no where near reality. I have thought of the memories that would have been made today. The smiles. The laughter. This is not how it was supposed to be (or at least in my dreams)...

Ten years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born.

I wish I knew the circumstances of her birth. Where was she born? How much did she weigh? Did she cry right away? Did she have hair, or a shiny bald head? These are all questions that I will never have the answer to.

For nine years and eight months she lived without a forever family. Does she even know today is her birthday? Has she ever celebreated, been given a gift, or even a cake?

january update 2

Kalia turned 10 today. Last year at this time we were all thinking and looking forward to spending her bithday with her this year. It is hard to believe she isn't here. It's hard to think that she has spent another birhtday alone. The good thing is that we are 100% sure she will not turn 11 without us with her to celebrate.

I want nothing more than to wrap my arms around my beautiulf daughter and know that will no longer spend another birhday alone. She will no longer go to bed without hearing "I love you."

We are beyond the point of being excited to get her home. Just today I had three people ask me if we had her yet, or we knew when we were going. I am staying hopful that we WILL travel by the end of the year.

We got our Visas today, and tomorrow our Article 5 will picked up and sent to Beijing. From there, we are just waiting for our TA (travel approval from China). Once we have that it is just a matter of booking a CA (Consulate Appt.). Our agency still thinks there is hope. It looks like TA's are coming in pretty quickly right now.

What does all that mean? Basically, if all goes according to MY plan, we will be on a plane to China on December 23rd. That is only three weeks away, folks. THREE WEEKS! EEEK! Just thinking about it gets me all excited.

Then reality sets in. If China were to give us the go ahead to travel and our agency is able to work it out for us to leave on December 23rd, we would have to say no. Why you ask? Well, to be 100% honest, we just don't have the money. It is not something we are proud of. Never in a million years did I think we would be this close to traveling and yet be so far from traveling.

Travel expenses have gone way up, and even more so during the holidays. We have been through the ringer or as some may put it he*@ and back to get Kalia home. I cannot imagine being given permission to travel only to turn it down.

We are still waiting to hear back about a couple of grants, but other than that, we got nothin. And to top it off, the insurance company is talking about totaling out our van which is just another nightmare to add to the list.

So, in honor of our daughter turning 10 today, everyone who donates at least $25 will not only be entered to win one of the awesome prizes listed below, but you will also receive a bracelet handmade by Emma. She has been making these bracelets as a fundraiser for Kalia since last year. Originally she got to keep 1/3 of the money to use while she was in China, but since there is no way (the cost is astronomical) she is going, she has been putting 100% of what she makes into the Kalia jar.

We had planned to send a cake to Kalia's orphanage, but decided not to because of the cost. This has been really hard for me because it has made me feel even further away from her. I have been longing to see pictures of her with her cake ever since we knew there was no way we were going to travel by her birthday. So, since she didn't get to blow out her candles and make a wish, I am going to do it for her. My wish for her (and for our family) is that we will ring in the New Year together as a family of 9.


These bracelets are awesome and last forever. Matt wears one every day and has for almost a year now. These can be made in just about any color. If you would like to order a bracelet, please contact me at These would make GREAT stocking stuffers. Blake has been selling them at school in their school colors and we have also had some teacher buy them as gifts for their students.

Here are the details about the fundraiser...

FIRST PRIZE: Apple i-Pad 2, cover in your choice, and a $50.00 i-tunes gift card. This would make an incredible gift for someone or yourself for the holidays. Plus, just think, every time you got on it you would think of Kalia and how you helped her to be united with her family.




SECOND PRIZE: $100 gift card to Thirty One


THIRD PRIZE: This gorgeous necklace and bracelet set from Premier Designs


Close up of bracelet

Fourth Place: Another beautiful necklace and bracelet set from Premier Designs (I love this set. It is to antique and vintage looking).


Close up of bracelet

Fifth and Sixth Place will be a custom dress or outfit of your choice from my Cloud Nine Design Label. I will work with you to choose a style and fabric of your liking. These will be one of a kind outfits.

Cloud Nine etsy

Here's how it's gonna work...

All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you will be entered to win one of these awesome prizes.

1. For every $25.00 donated, you will receive 5 entries!
2. For every $50.00 donated, you will receive 10 entries plus a free bracelet (pictured below) in your choice of color.
3. Post about the fundraiser on your blog, receive 3 entires!
4. Post about it on facebook, receive 3 entries!
5. Become a follower, receive 3 entries!

Please use the Chip In button to the right. I know there are some people who do not like or don't have a paypal account so if you would rather donate another way, please contact me at

Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you! I am praying that you will earn enough money to travel when they give you a CA date!

Talley Images said...

thinking of yall often....

Just curious, but how much would it be to get Kaliah a cake?

Amanda Gurney said...

Hello from London, England. Addie from Talley Images sent me. I have been reading your blog most of the morning and incredibly touched by your stories of adoption. PRaying you get the funds. I am definately helping spread your story. Facebook for one. And will follow you, too. Plan to make a donation. Many blessings to you.
-The Gurney Family

Ironsan said...

Long timer lurker here.... was just given some birthday money and could think of no better way to spend it than to help Kalia come home.

(Not a blogger or very active on Facebook but will pass along your fundraiser via word-of-mouth.)

Angela Sanchez

Jen said...

I donated via Chip-In and posted your fundraiser on my blog.
I don't have a Facebook account or I would put it on their too. Your family is also in my prayers.

The Nageotte Family said...

The 23rd! What agency? We have America World. First time on your blog. We have been told the same travel date and we were also wondering if we would get the call but not be able to write the check; wanted to do the birthday cake too but did not for the same reason; other children could not come with us for same reason. But...God provided completely just yesterday and I pray you will experience the same miracle!

Joy said...

I posted on my blog: and also on Facebook. Come on funds-we need to get this girl home to her family.