Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we are having trouble getting on our e-mail and since I cannot post to the blog myself, I have to e-mail the posts home for them to be posted.

The last few days have been busy, busy, busy. Sunday was an “off” day for our guide which was no big deal. We took advantage of it and rested around the hotel. We did walk across the bridge to the herbal market and pet area. All I can say is it is a must see for anyone coming over. It is truly an experience.



There were tons and tons of seahorses, not sure what they are used for and I wasn’t about to ask



Bags like this lined both sides of the streets.



Once we crossed this street we were clearly in the pet market





Monday our guide took us to a temple. I went to one when in Nanjing when I was here to get Mylee, but never to one in Guangzhou. We are clearly Christian however; it was very interesting to see.





After that we just headed back to the hotel to rest and get some dinner. We ate at the Italian place which is still extremely good.

We also stopped by Susan’s Place. If you have ever been to GZ before I am sure you are familiar with Dong. He is one of the nicest people and is truly a genuine guy. He loves to make tea for the families. Of course Steve shared some tea with him.


Tuesday we went to the Safari Park which is something else I had never done. I have been to the GZ zoo, ad I highly recommend going to the Safari Park instead. Part of the park is taking a train through a safari and some of the animals were so close we could touch them (we didn’t, but that is just how close they get). It was really cool and I was able to get some awesome pictures.



I LOVED seeing the giraffes up close.








Kalia even got to feed the giraffes





I have no idea what these trees were, but the flowers on them were beautiful


After the zoo we made one more trip back to the fabric market. Our guide asked me if the fabric market was the highlight of my trip and my answer was “no, Kalia has been the highlight, but the fabric market is definitely second.” Seriously, I could have spent hours in there looking, and looking and looking. Let’s just say I cannot wait to get home and sew.



And today was THE day. We went to the Consulate today to take our oath and as soon as we land in Chicago, Kalia Faith De Le will be an official American Citizen.

Our guide picks up her Visa tomorrow and at 4:30 pm we are on a van to Hong Kong. We will spend the night in Hong Kong and our flight home on Friday leaves at 10:00 a.m.

This will most likely be my last post until we arrive home so please pray for safe travels. I am SO ready to be home and have all seven of my kids in one place. I miss them and Matt terribly and I know they miss me.

All I can say is God is SO good and we are So Blessed…



Joy said...

We LOVED Safari Park. Did you throw meat at the tigers? :-)

Have a safe trip home!

Talley Images said...

Have fun in Hong Kong - its actually a great place to visit... so glad yall are almost home!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures, thanks for posting!

nancy said...

Yes you are surely blessed and God is good! Can't wait to meet Mylee

Matt and Maria said...

I think the beautiful tree is a mimosa. You can grow them indoors from seed and they are sensitive to touch- the leaves close up if you poke them.

Anonymous said...

Praying for safe travels for the 3 of you!! I know you are ready to be home! Can't wait to meet the newest Yager!!!


Jean said...

Yay- so thankful all is well and that she is with you now! God is so good! So happy your time in China has gone well except for the first day ;-)

Praying you all home!!

Once again- Yay God!!

Alycia said...

Hi friend!
Great pictures!
Next time we get over there, we will definitely do the Safari Park. It looks wonderful!
Praying you home!

Heather H. said...

I LOVE all your pictures of the animals! That sounds like something we would really enjoy.

I feel the last picture of Kalia is so...appropriate as you prepare to leave. She looks like she's contemplating the upcoming change. I'm sure it's scary thinking about leaving all that is familiar behind her. I'm sure her brothers and sisters will help her to find her place in her new home. (Not discounting the parents, mind you, but there's something to be said for a peer's guidance.)

Our family: said...

Been checking your blog everyday for updates. You are probably home now and busy settling in. Can't wait to see photos of Kalia home and anxious to find out how she's doing.
Love and prayers,

Talley Images said...

its been almost a week - we need an update! :)