Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Day Down

Whooo, finally a good night’s sleep! Seriously, the beds at our hotel in Jinan were like sleeping on a concrete floor, okay, maybe a concrete floor with a blanket over it. They were so hard. Plus our room was like a sauna for a week. It was so hot, and we could not get the thermostat to work. We even had the hotel staff come “fix” it, but it still was very hot. Here at the Victory the beds are so much more comfortable and the room is much more bearable plus we can open our windows if needed.

We started off the day with breakfast. Let me tell ya, Kalia is a good eater. She fills up with every meal.

Yes, all three plates are hers, and yes, she finished all but a few of the tomatoes.


From there we headed to get her medical exam done. We were there fairly early and did not have to wait in a massive line.


This was during her hearing test which obviously was normal.


After the hearing test she had the physical exam which she did NOT like. She was NOT happy at all. I can’t say that I blame her. She had to take off her pants, shoes, and socks and have some strange doctor examine her. Then, they focused too much on her left foot which is an unrepaired club foot (I think). They kept making her walk back and forth and calling over more doctors to look at it. She walks pretty normal, has a slight limp, but they couldn’t figure out how to describe it in her paperwork. All I can say is that she and I were both relived when it was over.

She had her height and weight checked and a vision test. If that wasn’t enough trauma for one day, she had to get a TB test as well. So far it looks good, we go back on Monday to have it read.

After the medical exam, our guide, Richard took us to a shopping area that reminds me of Times Square in NY. There is a big jumbo tron and a McDonalds on tow of the four corners. There are shops everywhere, and shops within shops. Kalia got a few Barbie movies; the girl LOVES anything Barbie and Princess, especially moves and books. She also found a pair of boots. I have been trying to get her to buy a pair of boots but she couldn’t find anything she liked. I was thinking maybe something like the fuzzy lined, suede boots, but she apparently had something completely different in mind. She picked out a pair of white boots with bows up the side at first, and we were able to compromise and she got the black one. Still not quite what I wanted to get her, but they will work and more importantly, they made her happy.


After that we ate McDonalds and headed over to the fabric district. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was So excited. It did not disappoint. There was fabric everywhere; I didn’t even know where to begin. I picked out three different fabrics, and several buttons and trims. I cannot wait to get home to start sewing again. (I may even need to make one more “quick” trip back to the fabric market). This stuff is so cheap here, at least half, if not more of what I would pay back home.





Other than that, it was a pretty dull day. Below are pictures that I took today around the city. Oh, I was able to find a new lens, again more than half of what I would have paid at home.

In the Cannon store making sure the new lens worked


Yes, McDonalds delivers here!








living4him5 said...

I love all the pictures! It's getting me so excited to return!!

Kalia is so beautiful and it is a thrill to FINALLY see her with her mama.

God bless,

Waitingfaithfully said...

Mandi, I'm enjoying following your journey! Thank you for taking the time to keep us all up to date! I'm so relieved that the medical exam is over for Kalia and that you're now on the countdown to home! I miss the Victory and am glad you are now enjoying its comforts! Enjoy your days in Guangzhou. It's great to see Kalia's smiles!

Blessings from Texas~


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your posts, they help me think about what China is like! They are very interesting! I also love seeing Kalia smile!
Praying that all will go well during the rest of your trip.

Lisa said...

Hi Mandi, It's been awhile (a long while) but I'm finally catching up on your blog. I'm so excited to realize that KayLi and Kalia are both from Jinan. I'm guessing by the pictures and your description of the restaurants across the street that we both stayed at the Crown Plaza. If so you're right that beds were terrible. We traveled in July so the heaters were not at all an issue for us though :0) KayLi's SWI was also small (70 kids) and she was the 2nd to be adopted from there. May God bless the remainder of your journey and may Kalia smile more and more!

TanyaLea said...

LOVE the photos! Sounds like a fun day of shopping. You need to post a photo of Kalia in her new boots! ;)

And I would've been like a kid in a candy store in that fabric shop... WOW, what fun! I'm hoping to set a fixed schedule for working on my sewing projects to start raising adoption funds, too. I've been "setting up shop" for six months now, so it's time to get going!! ;) Can't wait to see what you create with those gorgeous fabrics. And the buttons ...oh MY!!! :)

Enjoy your days in GZ with your daughter. She is precious and I'm so glad that she is coming home SOON!!


Alycia said...

Wonderful pictures, Mandi! Makes me miss China so much!
So happy that Kalia is doing better with everything. She is so very beautiful.
Much love, and happy new year!


Goosegirl said...

I love all your goodies from the fabric market!!! We never got there when we were in China. I had wanted to buy bridal silk when for my girls, but never got there. I can't wait to see what you make with your goodies.

I am continuing to pray for you all.