Thursday, December 15, 2011


I posted yesterday how I feel like I am an overdue pregnant woman (emotionally of course). I have been a wreck inside. I think I have done a pretty good job of hiding my emotions lately. I just keep telling myself over and over that we will travel when the time is right.

I have had a feeling that we would get our TA this week. Typically they come towards the latter part of the week, so I was really counting on hearing something today. I have been stalking" rumor queen all day as well as other boards to see if others have posted about getting TA.

Typically our agency gets their DHL packages early afternoon so I knew if I didn't hear something by 2 or 3, today was not going to be our day.

I had a friend stop over this afternoon (a fellow adoptive parent) as she and I sat and talked, I watched the minutes tick my on the clock. My phone rang a few times and I couldn't check it fast enough. Looking back I probably looked like a lovesick teenage girl waiting for the boy to call. Thank goodness my friend has been through the adoption process, so she knows that I am not really crazy, just anxious.

2:00 came and went. 3:00 came and went. Just as the clock turned to 4, my phone rang. It was the agency. I had actually called them earlier to ask a couple of questions so I just figured they were getting back to me about that.

Basically they were calling to let us know that we have...


Honestly, I am surprised some of you didn't hear me screaming! I simply cannot believe it. We are finally soooo close to finally bringing Kalia home.

When asked when we would like to leave, I said "tomorrow." Obviously I was joking (sort of). Seriously though, we they are asking for a CA (Consulate Apointment) for January 3rd, 4th, or 5th, which means we could possibly be on a plane headed for China next Friday or Saturday. If that doesn't work, then we could leave December 30th which is still only 2 weeks away!

The possibility of traveling as early as next week seems almost impossible. I say almost because I know better than anyone that if it can be done, there is only one person big enough to make it happen. I know it can be done, I've seen stranger things happen in much shorter periods of time.

Everything seems so surreal right now. We have waited SO long to get to this point. We have gone through SO much to get to this point. So to finally hear the words "your TA came today" is almost like a dream.

There are only 4 more days left on our i-Pad 2 fundraiser. We obviously cannot go to China unless we have all the funds. So, I am to the point of begging and pleading with you, my readers to help us. If you can't help monetarily, PRAY. PRAY that we are able to raise the funds to leave within the next two weeks. PRAY that we will soon be united with our daughter whose picture we have been staring at for almost a year and a half. She has spend way too long in an orphanage without a family. PRAY that we can ring in the new year as a family of 9!

This pretty much sums it up...

Here are the details about the fundraiser...

FIRST PRIZE: Apple i-Pad 2, cover in your choice, and a $50.00 i-tunes gift card. This would make an incredible gift for someone or yourself for the holidays. Plus, just think, every time you got on it you would think of Kalia and how you helped her to be united with her family.




SECOND PRIZE: $100 gift card to Thirty One


THIRD PRIZE: This gorgeous necklace and bracelet set from Premier Designs


Close up of bracelet

Fourth Place: Another beautiful necklace and bracelet set from Premier Designs (I love this set. It is to antique and vintage looking).


Close up of bracelet

Fifth and Sixth Place will be a custom dress or outfit of your choice from my Cloud Nine Design Label. I will work with you to choose a style and fabric of your liking. These will be one of a kind outfits.

Cloud Nine etsy

Here's how it's gonna work...

All you have to do is follow the instructions below and you will be entered to win one of these awesome prizes.

1. For every $25.00 donated, you will receive 5 entries!
2. For every $50.00 donated, you will receive 10 entries plus a free bracelet (pictured below) in your choice of color.
3. Post about the fundraiser on your blog, receive 3 entires!
4. Post about it on facebook, receive 3 entries!
5. Become a follower, receive 3 entries!

Please use the Chip In button to the right. I know there are some people who do not like or don't have a paypal account so if you would rather donate another way, please contact me at

Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."


Sue said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!! Finally!!! I'm SO excited for you!!!! I thought I heard a scream today!

Ruth Marie said...

the best Christmas gift to every get:)

Lori said...

SO super excited for you!! FINALLY!! Hip-hip HOORAY!!

Joy said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOO excited for you. Thank you, Jesus.


TanyaLea said...

Yay!! If your TA is here, then I trust it IS God's perfect timing and He will provide all the funds necessary to make it happen.

BTW, I LOVED the video in your previous post. I don't think I've seen that before, and she is just beautiful, Mandi ~ I love that you just 'knew' she was your daughter!!

God bless! <><


TanyaLea said...

Off to donate and I will share on FB, too...

TanyaLea said...

Already a "long-time" follower!! :)

{is this where I'm supposed to post my entry comments?! ...hope so!}

Jean said...

Congratulations!! So so happy for you!!

Can't wait to follow you in China!!

We used the VPN- overplay!
It worked great!!


Eve Noelle said...

Yay! What fabulous news!

MJ said...

I'm a follower and also donated $35:)

MJ said...

I'm a follower and also donated $35:)

The Stuckey's said...

I felt led to give today. I am saying prayers that you have safe travels. Have a blessed weekend.

Talley Images said...

So, so excited for yall!!!!

Kristi said...

woo hoo!

Kris said...

I trust the Lord will bring the funds you at the midnight hour in ways you NEVER expected! I'm praying he completely amazes you. He did it for us, I know he can and will do it for you, too!

Rebekah said...

How exciting! I've donated in the past but wanted to donated again. God will provide all you need! Congratulations!

Denise said...

I am a follower and just donated. How exciting!

Goosegirl said...

I just found out about you from Facebook. I have added you to my blogroll so I can follow your miracle trip! I am praying that you get all the rest of the money you need to get to your girl!

Goosegirl said...

I donated to the your chip-n, posted on Facebook, and am now a follower. Bring that precious girl home! What a joyous Christmas you will have!!!
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