Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas to Remember

Sorry for the delay in posts. We have been super busy, and trying to catch up on sleep which is not working so well. Anyway, that's not what you want to hear about, so here goes...

Kalia arrived in our room right on time, in fact, we were SKYPING with the kids back home so they were able to see her walk in and say a quick "hi."

It was pretty evident right away that she was completely terrified. She literally looked like a deer in headlights. She is absolutely beautiful and I am one proud momma.

After signing the 24 hour agreement, our guide took us along with Kalia, her nurse, and orphanage nanny to get passport pictures taken. Once that was done, the nurse and nanny said good bye for the night. Our guide, Aaron took us back to the hotel to meet with the banker to exchange money.

Kalia and I ran upstairs to get the money and took it back down to the banker and that is when she lost it. First it was just a few tears, but then it turned into a full fledged temper tantrum. Seriously, this was completely new territory for me. She kept screaming in Chinese and the guide said she was asking to go back to the orphanage, she did not want to go to America, and that her mother was not American. My heart just broke for her. Finally after being unsuccessful in calming her down we called and asked the nanny and nurse to come back.

She was throwing quite a fit, kicking, screaming, and rolling around on the couch. By the time they got there the hotel manager was talking to Kalia and trying to get her to calm down. As soon as the nurse and nanny got here, they were able to get her back up to the room (I wanted to get her out of the spotlight).

She was so upset and just kept begging them to take her back to the orphanage. After about 20 minutes of talking to her, they were able to figure out that she was scared about not being able to communicate with us. I SKYPED Matt right away and had him get Jaxon up so he could tell her that it was going to be okay (it was after 12:30 am). At first Kalia wouldn't even talk to Jaxon, but she finally listened to him. So, between Jaxon, the nurse, and the nanny, she was starting to calm down.

Because she is 10, she has the right to refuse being adopted so I was pretty worried, as were the orphanage people. They were telling her that she was going to be fine and that she was going to have good life in America.

We decided to all go get a bite to eat so we went across the street to KFC (note: it is not like KFC back home, considered yourself warned). By the time we were done eating, Kalia was doing much better so the orphanage people left and she has been completely fine since then.

Kalia, Steve and I came back to the room and Tangled was on so we watched that and Kalia was smiling and laughing outloud. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner then came back to settle in the room so we could SKYPE back home for Christmas morning.

We were able to SKYPE the kids and watch them open their gifts and they were able to watch Kalia open her gifts. She would each of hte kids' names and ages and seemed to be really excited.

So, for now things are going well. I will post about today in a later post. Jet lag is really starting to settle in and I am exhausted.


Amy said...

watching. learning and waiting with FAITH for you...We are a Madison family awaiting an 8 year old girl (likely 9), before we travel...Know we are praying for Kalia to feel peace today in your arms!
The Arnold Family

Penny said...

So excited to see that you'd updated, heart in mouth as I read it! You are all in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be so. Lifting you up!

Anonymous said...

Sure is a day to remember! Praying for Kalia and you.

Tara said...

mandi, i've been waiting for an update. so glad she is settling down. good thing you've been through this before:)

praying for you all,

Tara and family

Tracy said...

Praying for you and kalia. I'm glad to hear that things got better. Happy new year!

May God bless your time in China. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


living4him5 said...

Oh Mandi,

I just read your post to Madelyn (she was 9 when we brought her home). She said to tell you, she is scared, she will cry and be mad some times but she will be ok, later. LOL... Out of the mouth of another 10 year old. Hang in there!! Poor baby, she has to be terrified but God is sooooo very good to us and HE will get her (and mama) through these times. Lifting you all in prayer.


Lori said...

Oh wow, Mandi! What a rough start...but it sounds like things have settled down a bit. I sure hope it stays that way! It will help a TON that she has Jaxon to talk to.

Bless you, friend! I'm praying for you!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Poor sweetie. My heart breaks for our kids as they have to transition into a world SO very different from theirs, and leave the familiar behind. Glad she has a big brother that can offer her some pointers! I know she will love her new family in no time! :)

Jean said...

Congratulations Mandi!!

It is so hard in the beginning but things will get better with each day!!

Saying prayers for both of you!!

Alycia said...

Praying for you Mandi. Thank you for sharing about your journey so far. Our family is praying that Kalia will feel completely at peace with you. i know that she will eventually, we just want it to happen soon. Merry CHRISTmas and blessings from us all.
Alycia and family

p.s. Adahlyn wants Drew to know she prays for him and his new sister. :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Congratulations Mandi and family! So happy to know that you finally have your long awaited daughter! Praying that Kalia can feel your love for her despite the language barrier, and that each day brings more peace to her transitioning heart. May the Lord give you wisdom in the days ahead as you get to know your newest daughter--she is beautiful!



TanyaLea said...

A Christmas to remember, indeed. The journey may not always be an easy one {as you WELL KNOW!} but she is worth it!! Continuing to pray for her heart that she will soon understand just how deeply loved and wanted she is! What a blessing to have Jaxon to help talk to her! You are one very blessed mama, indeed!!

Love & Hugs,
~ Tanya