Monday, December 19, 2011

My Final Plea

UPDATE! Someone commented and asked if I would create a new chipin so y'all could see how God is working by watching it grow. So, that's what I've done. I named this Chip In, "Christmas with Kalia." Please make any further donations to the Christmas with Kalia Chip In

This is it, we are literally down to the wire. I am a wreck right now and I simply do not know what to do. I feel like I am walking around in a fog.

We got our itinerary last night from our agency and the only thing they are waiting for is for us to book our US to China flights which are going to be about $5000 which includes Kalia's return flight home.

We can't. We simply do not have the money. The travel fees are a bit more than we thought they would be plus the extra "surprise" fees that came up on Friday have set us back. So, it doesn't look to good right now.

And to top it off, our gotcha day for Kalia would be Christmas Day. I had secretly been hoping and praying that we would meet her on Christmas, but did not think it was even an option with Christmas falling on Sunday this year. I was completely surprised when I saw that we would travel to the Civil Affairs office on Christmas day to meet her. I have been an emotional wreck since. I honestly cannot imagine a better gift than to know that she shares her gotcha day with the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

But, reality is really setting in and I just keep telling myself I need to accept the fact that it is not going to happen. I will be honest, I am throwing a pretty big pitty party for myself right now.

We have waited so long to bring Kalia home. She has waited even longer for her family. I just cannot imagine either of us having to wait any longer.

Matt and I stayed up pretty late last night researching flights and trying to find the cheapest ones. We really aren't finding anything under $2800. Finally we gave up and went to bed. I didn't really sleep much last night. If I did fall asleep I woke up thinking of ways we can get the money.

We have had many suggestions. Some have suggested credit cards. Matt and I decided a long time ago that we were not going to use credit cards for anything. So, we don't' have any. Some people have suggest that since we would be eligible for the tax refund we ask for a loan. We don't' really know anyone who cold loan us $5000 right now. So, we are still trying to figure this out and continue to pray.

It is simply NOT my nature to just give up. The more I think about and imagine the possibility of being face to face with Kalia on Christmas day, the more and more I feel the need to fight to bring her home. We have been fighting from day one to bring her home. We have fought and fought against Satan to stop us from bringing her home. I WILL NOT let him win. Especially when we are SO close. When I look at the big picture, $5000 is nothing. It is definitely ALOT of money, but when I really sit back and look at everything, it is a drop in the bucket.

My father in law is traveling with me and if we don't go this week, we will have to wait until the END of February to travel because of commitments he has with his job. Originally when we started this process and he asked if he could go, we should have traveled by summer, early fall at the latest, so his commitments were not even a factor. However, they are now.

I cannot imagine waiting 2 more months to get Kalia. This is just tearing me up inside. Emma is a mess. She has been so ready to meet her new sister. I had to take her to school late today because she had a doctor's apt and a friend called to ask how things were going. I of course started balling telling her what was going on. I tried really hard not to because Emma is so sensitive I didn't want her going to school worrying. I had to get off the phone to sign her in and as we were walking into the school, she grabbed my hand and said "does this mean we are not going to get Kalia for Christmas?" I simply answered, "honey, I don't know, but I am going to do everything I can."

The last thing I wanted to do was to ask for help, again. But at this point, I just do not know what to do. So, friends, family, readers, etc, this is my last and final plea for help. We simply cannot do it alone. I have said it many times before, "adoption takes a village."
Our tickets MUST be purchased today, so I am asking you to spread the word and pray, pray, pray. We need all the prayers we can get. If you cannot donate monetarily, pass it along to friends and family.

Matt and I have also decided that Kalia will be our last adoption, at least for awhile. Four adoption in 3 years has been not only a miracle, but exhausting in so many ways. Therefore, we have decided that once we get Kalia home we are going to start helping other families bring their children home. I will be doing fundraiser through my Cloud Nine clothing line and he is going to use his business to help as well. Adoption has touched us and blessed our lives in a way that I could have never imagined and we want to make sure that other families are able to experience those same blessings.


Joy said...

Mandi, I wish so very much that I could help you financially to hold your sweet girl in your arms for Christmas!!! We are currently in a similar position where (if chosen...we are waiting to hear from birthmommy's final decision...she has it narrowed to us and another couple) we are short $5000 in fees plus travel and accommodations to bring twin boys home!

Although I cannot donate at this time...My heavenly father owns cattle on a thousand hills and delights in giving you the desire of your heart!!!! Please know that I am praying for you and fully believe that God will provide over and above what you could ask for or imagine!!! HE placed you on this journey to Kalia...HE has given you strength and grace for the journey...and HE will complete the good work HE has begun in your family!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to hear the awesome testimony!!!!

Many blessings!

Lexie said...

I'm just a college girl and been following y'alls journey for a long long time. My heart breaks with this post. What about an "emergency 24 hr face-book-a-thon"?!? Invite all your friends, tell them to invite all their friends, update every hour! Its exhausting but I've seen it work! A friend of mine raise $16,000 in mere hours. Unbelievable. 500 friends giving 10, 50 giving 100!! Etc!

Praying and believing!

Anonymous said...

how can i post this plea from my FB page. and i agree a FB party might work??????

Anonymous said...

oh sorry, i didnt sign my name with last post.

love and hugs,

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Mandi ~ Can I make a suggestion? Could you put up a New chipin? Start it at zero, so folks can see the money grow. The one you have up now makes it look like you are over-funded. I will make the 1st donation!! {raying that you'll be fully funded today!! I'm going to blog about your need. I'll be doing the copy and paste thing, so I can put your words on the post. Love ~ Jo

Penny said...

Can't do anything more except pray but am doing that! The money is out there somewhere, it WILL come to you in time!!!

Penny said...

OK, I Facebooked it. Easy to do!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

I've been following you since Drew and Jaxon and praying for your journey to Kalia from the first time you posted about it. I've been praying for your last minute funds, but not in a position to donate. I'm still not, but I feel God telling me that I need to be a part of His miracle and donate what's left in my paypal account. I feel Him asking me to donate and trust in Him to fund your miracle and fund mine as well (we are down to the wire in a personal financial situation). He is able! Hang in there. He is going to show up!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have no idea if this is helpful, but I have flown to China many times and find that I can get much cheaper flights on this website below. You post your itinerary and then travel agents email you with prices within hours. If you want the price, you call them up at the phone number they provide in the email. At first glance, it looks like others with similar travel dates have gotten much cheaper than $2800.

Go to "Forum" and then "Register" (takes only a few minutes), then "Airfare Ask Agent". Good luck!

connie said...

It's going to happen, my friend!!!! I've got a chip-in on my blog also and posted on FB. I've got prayer warriors on this!!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Mandi ~ I donated and also did a post on my blog. You can read it and let me know if anything is incorrect or if you want anything removed. Like, is your Fundraiser/Giveaway still going on? Please, let me know. Now I'm going to post on FB. Just remember, Miracles DO happen! Love You ~ Jo

Goosegirl said...

I am grateful that I had a little money in my sewing account to put in your Chip-in! I wish I could give more. But I am grateful to be part of the miracle. I will post this on Facebook too.
Sivje Parish

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Mandi ~ Me, again! I am doing a little Giveaway on my blog to help with Kalia's Christmas Miracle! Please, take a look. If folks donate a minimum of $15 OR MORE, they need to leave a comment both Here on your blog and on my blog. Let folks know! I need email addresses to contact the Winner. I am so excited to see what God has planned for your Sweet Girl!

Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray for you but you may need to consider the fact that it may be God's will that you not adopt right now. Children are expensive. $5000 is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

got it, and posted on my FB too!


Adeye said...

Hey Mandi

I have been trying to reach you but the e-mails keep coming back to me. Can you please e-mail me at

Adéye Salem

Lillie Family said...

Just chipeed in! Please ignore those ppl that commented that God doesn't want you to adopt right now. What the heck?! God has been with you through this adoption and he will continue to be with you.

Also, I had to comment - tell that agency of yours that they have enough $$ for the post placement deposit.If they really won't let you get on that plane b/c you have only paid for 3, not all 6, of the post placement visits they deserve some blog 'feedback'. The CCCWA policy JUST changed )probably during your adoption!)!!

BTW - we got TA the same day as you. I am 'out4abit' on RQ. You go get your daughter Mandi!!

connie said...

Mandi, way to have faith, girl! Please disregard the naysayers!!!! I think you know what it takes to raise a child or two ;-)

JD said...

Praying Adeye is able to reach you... praying for the provisions that you need, for our focus not to be on the glass nearly empty, but on the glass having the potential to overflow!

Go get your daughter!

Cari said...

Hey Mandi!

praying...blogged...fb...praying some more that God won't just show up but show off! :)

~ Cari

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Friends! I know that I always read the other comments, when I leave a comment. And, I hope you do, too! I am doing a small, but sweet Giveaway on my blog to anyone who donates $15.00 or more for Kalia's Christmas Miracle. So, if YOU donated, please click on my name and go to "JO's CORNER" and leave a comment telling me you donated. And, leave your email address, so I can contact the winner. It's NOT an ipad or anything huge, but a true reminder of a Mother and Daughter relationship!
Merry Christmas and May you All be Blessed! Jo

Anonymous said...

Just donated again, wish it could be more. I know you guys don't use credit cards, and that's a great practice. However, since you're getting down to the wire, you might want to try to apply for a credit card just as a gap measure. You could continue your chip-in and then use that money to pay the card off within the first month. Just a suggestion. Good luck! I hope this works out perfectly for you all!


The Nageotte Family said...

We are traveling on the 23rd, headed to Gansu with AWAA, slated to meet our daughter on December 25th as well. We have made our travel plans on VERY last minute provisions, wondering if it was going to happen down to the day. I am praying for you, this is hard! But He knows the plan far beyond our understanding. I'm sure you realize we do not have much to give right now, but I also know firsthand a lot of little gifts can make for a very large gift so I give to your chipin what we can right now to bring your sweet daughter home this Christmas with hope others will not think a little won't make a difference! Who knows, maybe we will see you in China if your are on the same route as we are; we will be honored if that is the plan. Love and prayers to you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help financially, but can't at this time. However, go to the bank and take your adoption paperwork. We got a phone call a couple of days after our homestudy was complete that we were to go pick up our baby and the bank gave us a loan on the spot (for a lot more than $5000). They said they see it more than we would think. Give it a try if you are still short the funds that you need!