Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ABC 123

Yesterday was Mylee's first day back to Pre-School. All week long I have been preparing her to go back. She kept talking about Mrs. James (who is awesome) and seeing all her friends. Sunday afternoon I took her to T*arget to get the rest of her school supplies. She got a new back pack, and picked out a Kai Lan folder. Monday morning she got up, got dressed, had breakfast still talking about going to school and then the bus pulled up. It went down hill from there. As I took her out to the bus she kept saying "I'll be back in a little bit?" I told her "Yes, you will be back in a little bit and then we will have lunch and play a game." That seemed to calm her down a bit until she sat in her seat and was buckled in. She didn't really cry, or throw a fit, she just had the saddest face. It was pathetic.

I know she is fine once the bus pulls away, in fact, her bus driver called me after she dropped Mylee off to tell me she WAS fine, and sang all the way to school. Her teacher called me as well at the end of the day to let me know that Mylee had a GREAT day and could not wait to show everyone that she can crawl and sit criss cross.

Sorry about the poor quality of photos, it was a dark, dreary, rainy day yesterday so the lighting was terrible.

Mylee's first day of school 002

Mylee's first day of school 004

Mylee's first day of school 005

Mylee's first day of school 006


Desiree' said...

Seatbelts on the bus!?!? My kids would love that. My youngest son is always complaining that they are breaking the law...LOL
Lovwe her little dress

TanyaLea said...

Oh how cute!...I love her little dress, just PERFECT for the first day of school!! I may have to buy that one from you sometime in the future!! :)

Have a blessed school year, Mylee!


Tisha said...


That has to be the CUTEST back to school dress ever!!!!! I'm glad that she had a good first day. I also must say that I completely identified with your "Most wonderful time of the year" post. I had a similar day yesterday. :) Do you remember the back to school Staples commercial with the dad gleefully skipping through the store with his cart as he threw in the school supplies to the tune of that same song? It's one of my favorite commercials of all time.

I hope all of your kids have a wonderful and blessed school year.


Lori said...

SO CUTE!! And seat belts?? Here in Kansas we just let our kiddos fly around on the school bus. Nice.

LOVE the dress!!

Rebecca said...

Look at that big girl! Can't get over how cute that little dress is. :)

sara said...

That is the CUTEST back to school dress I have ever seen! Where did you find it?? Her little face looked kind of sad when she was pulling away; what a BIG girl!!!!

Sherri and Todd said...

First time for me checking out your blog and I wanted to comment on that beautiful ABC dress!! WOW!! that is just beautiful and your little girl wears it well, what a cutie.