Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

Many of you know that that Mylee and I are part of a Nanjing Kids group here in Ft. Wayne. When we were going through the process for Mylee, our agency was just in the beginning stages of a pilot program with the Nanjing SWI. The program was called The United In Hope program. In a nutshell, our agency worked directly with the SWI to get specific kids adopted. While paper chasing for Mylee we were fortunate enough to find out that there were several other families right here in our area that were getting kids from the exact same orphanage. So, we started a support group which has turned into a great friendship among all of us. We get together twice a month. Once with the kids for a play date and once for the moms to discuss any issues at hand about adoption, bonding, attachment, and pretty much anything else that comes (adoption related or not). Whenever we get together we have a great time. We talk, we laugh, we cry, we snack, we listen, etc. Right now we are crying as the unspeakable is taking place.

I just found out from one of the moms that one of the little girls is on her way to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis because late last night she was taken to the emergency room where a CT scan was done and they found a pretty large cancerous tumor in her tummy. Apparently last week Elsa said her tummy hurt so Susan took her to the doctor where it was determined that nothing was wrong. I guess Elsa kept complaining and stopped eating so Susan took her to the emergency room where after an exam and a CT there was a tumor found. Right now they have no idea what type of cancer it is, but they do know that she will be having surgery as soon as possible to see exactly where it is, how big it is, and to do a biopsy so the right treatment can be started.

Right now there are many unknowns since they are just in the beginning stages of diagnosing what type of cancer and the best treatment plan for Elsa.

Elsa turned two in January and is a beautiful little girl. Elsa was the first Nanjing girl brought home. Susan (her mom) is a fantastic women and is huge asset to our group. She is very intelligent and knows quite a bit about attachment and bonding and has taught us quite a bit as well.

Please lift this family up in prayer as they are embarking on a journey that is every parents nightmare. As soon as I know more I will let you all know, but for now PLEASE PRAY for sweet Elsa.

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Tara Anderson said...

I have petitioned the throne on their behalf and will continue to do so.

Chris and Sarah said...

I will pray for her.

I have just started following your blog in the last week or so. We only live about 2 hours south of Ft. Wayne and our social worker is out of Ft. Wayne. We brought home our son from China a little over a year ago.

I am excited to follow your journey.

Rebecca said...

I am praying for Susan, Elsa and the whole family. I am honestly in shock right now... I will keep them constantly in my prayers.


Desiree' said...


TanyaLea said...

Such a sad story to hear about... but we are taking this to the feet of Jesus, and we know He has already died for the sake of such as these, and paid the price with His blood, so that we may be healed. Trusting that He will dissolve this tumor, and that sweet Elsa will be back to enjoying being a little girl in no time! Please do keep us posted.


sara said...

Crying & praying for Elsa & her family - there are no words to describe how they must be feeling right now. Praying for healing for Elsa...please keep us posted.

sara said...

Does Susan have a blog?

living4him5 said...


My Linzhi is a Nanjing baby too.


Kathy said...

I can not imagine. We are praying !

Gavin's Family said...

My heart goes out to your friends and the people around this family that they will feel God's comfort right now.

Jean said...

Oh Mandi- I am so sorry to hear this- these children are such precious gifts from God! I will pray for Elsa and for Susan and her family.
I will check your blog for updates.