Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update and a Reminder

First and foremost, I wanted to thank everyone who has been saying prayers for sweet Elsa. Her older sister started a blog to keep everyone updated (before I post the address I want to make sure I have permission). As of this morning Elsa was on the waiting list for surgery and was taken back around 2:30 p.m. I just checked and there was an update on what they found during surgery...

"The surgeon just came to let us know how the surgery went. It is now 2:25 and she just went into recovery about 5 mins ago. We should be able to go back and see her in about half an hour. The doctor said that everything went as well as it could have. He said that it is a lymphoma, but we will not be sure what type until we get the test results back from the biopsy. They said the results will take at least 24 hours. Once we get the results we will know the treatment necessary.
The tumors ended up being larger than they suspected. One is the size of a softball and the other is the size of a golf ball and they are around the small intestines, but the doctor did not seem worried and said that if you are a two year old and you happen to have a cancer, this is not a bad type to have.

I am relieved that she pulled through the surgery, and I am a little anxious about seeing her in pain, but I know that this is going to make her better and I hope that when we all look back on this it will just look like a blip in time.

Elsa will be such an awesome old lady."

Elsa spent a year of her life lying in a crib in an orphanage with no one to touch her, no one to care for her, and more importantly no one to LOVE her. Elsa is a fighter, she is one tough little girl who because she now has the love of a family, her family, she will get through this. Yes, it sucks that she has to go through this, but at least she is going to go through it with the love of a family, friends, her Church, and her Nanjing family and of course God.

Please continue to pray for Elsa and her family. Pray that they have strength as they wait for tomorrow to see exactly what type of Lymphoma she has and how they are going to treat it. Pray that Elsa is not in much pain over the next few days. JUST PRAY, PLEASE, JUST PRAY.


As much as I hate to pair this with the above, I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the last day to get in on the raffle. The raffle will end at midnight tomorrow and I will let you all know who the winners are on Saturday. For a list of all the raffle prizes and the rules on how to get a ticket, click HERE.

Again, thank you to ALL who have either donated through Chip In or dropped by something. Every dollar counts. And if light of current events (I will post about later), every penny counts at this point.


Desiree' said...

Praying for sweet Elsa. Also for your family. I hope you are blessed with a great turn out in the raffle.

Heather said...

Keeping sweet Elsa in our thoughts & prayers. Please post a link to her site when/if possible. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.

sara said...

Still praying this sweet little girl..thank you for the update..