Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Land of the Free Because of the Brave

Freedom is not Free

There is a price we pay for freedom
For it is not truly free
But rather paid for by the contributions of veterans
To buy our liberty

As their blood drains from their body and runs like a river through the grass
Over the years it's forgotten, war is placed in our past
I don't think we all realize the importance veterans play
as they voluntarily serve America each and every day

We should honor the veterans for they act like a shield
Protecting us from danger, keeping America healed.
So if you would take a second to commemorate
You will instantly see

We owe veterans our gratitude
For they are the reason we are free
~Ashley Persyn


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DiJo said...

Hi Mandi!
I wanted to answer your question here... Yes, we were logged in on 5/13/09. So, this PA is really delayed. We sent our LOI on 10/12.. Our agency has confirmed there are no issues, and that it is being worked on.
Unfortunately, we got in the slow line.. I know it is in God's hands, but like all of us, our hearts desire is to get her home!!!

I pray things are going well for you and your wait for Drew!