Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Successful Delivery

Drew got his package yesterday so Karen at New Day sent us several pictures of him opening it and checking it all out. I cannot believe how much older he looks in these pictures. It is so hard to imagine that he and Mylee are only 24 days apart (her being older). We cannot wait to get him home. Especially Gabe who asks daily if we can go get his brother. Enjoy the pictures!

gifts 5

gifts 9

gifts 10

gifts 8

gifts 7

gifts 6

giifts 4

gifts 3

gifts 2



amy said...

What great pics! I love the Halloween ones too! I cant wait for Drew to come home and play with Sammy too!


WilxFamily said...

Very cool Mandi! I love that third picture of Drew. It looks like he is looking up at the camera at YOU saying "I love you Mom, and I know you're coming."

Gavin's Family said...

Mandi, How great to get all those pictures of Drew and the gifts you sent him. The one of him holding the picture his sister made for him brought tears to my eyes.

Tara said...

He looks so happy to get that stuff Mandi!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Love it!!! What a sweetheart! And you're right...he is definitely growing up! He's starting to lose some of that "baby face" and look like a big boy now. Sniff...sniff. :)

TanyaLea said...

Oh how cute!! It's such a blessing to be able to send gifts and know that our children will get them...and then to have the photos of them opening!!...such a gift! :)

We sent our first package EVER along with Kelly (Nathan's new mama) who will be at New Day tomorrow. Karen said she will send photos of Khloe opening it, so we are so excited! We couldn't send a photo album yet (bummer!) as our agency is pretty strict about that stuff, but we will be able to send it soon now that we are finally DTC!! :) I'm just thankful that they let us send the rest of her gift with Kelly! Such a blessing!!

Drew is getting SO big, and I agree with Tara that he is beginning to loose that 'baby face' of his... still as cute as a button, though. I just wanna kiss those cheeks of his!! ;)

Desiree' said...

Love the pictures!! Isn't it bittersweet to see your child opening a gift you sent them?!?!

Shonni said...

How precious to have those pictures!

Football & Fried Rice said...

PRICELESS!!!!!!! I love the little buddy checking out Drew's box too :) So sweet!!!!

Jean said...

He looks so happy to get his package!! I love his smile!! What a joy he will be!! can hardly wait for your to bring him home!!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

he is sooo happy!!! Love these picture updates!