Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fundraiser Update

Well, as you can see from our Chin In button our Matilda Jane fundraiser is not going so well. So, I have two options. 1. I can extend it until we at least reach the $400 mark (to at least pay for the gift cards). They gift cards are NOT being donated so if we end it now, we will be out money which is kind of silly since we are trying to earn money to bring Keliah home. Or 2. I can end it now and refund the money that was donated back to everyone who donated.

THoughts? Comments? Any imput is welcome.


Nicole Poest said...

keep it going! :) We don't mind waiting!

Diann said...

extend it! I haven't hada chance yet!

Melissa said...

Well, my thought is this: How long are the gift cards good? Are they only good for this line? MJC plat. is already selling out of a lot of sizes. If they are good for all lines, like the summer line, then I say extend it.
I know trying to raise money stinks. We will be joining you soon.

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I just posted your fundraiser on my advocacy blog. I hope it will help!

I will post it on Facebook too!

Praying for you!


amandastricklin said...

I vote to extend it, that way you will get to keep the money raised so far and recoup some of your cost;) Hope you get the amount you need!