Monday, April 11, 2011

Uppin the Anty...

Well, things are continuing to move along. Last week on Thursday we finally received our I-800A approval. I am certain our mail lady things I am certifiable after I spent all morning trying to find her and finally did around noon. She was super nice and searched for our mail and luckily, after all that, our I-800A approval was in the stack.

So, I came home, grabbed Mylee, Emma, and Jaxon and we took off for Indianapolis to get it authenticated by our Secretary of State. On the way I called to find out what time they called and was told not until 5:00, which gave me plenty of time to get down there. I was already making plans to take off on Friday morning for Chicago to get it authenticated at the Chinese Consulate. Jaxon really wanted to go to Chicago so we could go to Chinatown which I told him we could for a little bit then we would have to head back home.

We arrived at the Govt. building about 4:15 and made our way down to the Secretary of State's office to get everything authenticated. Once inside the office, we waited in line for our turn and was totally thrown for a loop. Apparently the original I-800A cannot be authenticated but a copy can. I was told I could make a copy in their office, but that I would also have to get it notarized saying it was an exact copy. No biggy, right? WRONG! There is only one place in all this huge multi city block Govt building that can notarize and wouldn't ya know it, they closed at 4:00! UGHHHH, I was SO frustrated. I explained that we drove over 2 hours to get this done and asked if there was anywhere else that could notarize it and was told that the banks in the building might do it, but they too closed at 4. By this time it was 4:30 so we took our chances and started asking anyone and everyone we say with a badge on if they were, or knew of anyone who could notarize something. Like I said earlier, apparently there is only ONE office in that building that can notarize and they were closed.

By this time it was 4:45 and we gave up. I asked what time they opened the following day so we could get there and get it done. My original plan was to get up at 7:00 the next morning, drive to Indy, get the authentication done, and then turn around and head up to Chicago which would be another three and a half hour drive north. Yes, I am crazy, but I really wanted to get this taken care of while I had the time off.

Once we got home, I started researching the courier services and it was actually cheaper for me to send it to a courier and have them drop it off at the Consulate. So, that is what we did and everything went into the mail this morning. The courier will get it tomorrow, take it to the Consulate on Thursday (she doesn't go on Wednesday) and will pick it up the following Monday. We will get it back on Tuesday, and will express mail it to our agency so they will receive it on Wednesday.

We are so, so close to being DTC. The good news is that we could be DTC next Wednesday or at the latest next Thursday depending on what time they receive our paperwork on Wednesday. The not so good news is that we are still short quite a bit of money to get our dossier to China.

I'm stressing, no, I in panic mode now. We have been waiting 8 months to get our dossier to China. When we first submitted our LOI back in September our goal was to be DTC sometime in January or February. One we received our PA, we were told we had to be DTC by February 4th. Who knew we would have to jump through so many hoops to get Matt's physical released, that alone took 3 months. Ridiculous! Then, February came and went and our agency had to ask for an extension to get our dossier to China.

We are SO close. We are within days of being DTC. This is the point we have been looking forward to for so long. Being DTC is huge in the adoption process. It basically means that everything is now in the hands of the Chinese (and to be honest, they move faster than our own govt.). It is the time when we can actually sit back, and sort of relax, knowing that there is nothing else we have to compile, sign, authenticate, etc. It is the time that we are that much closer to bringing our daughter home. The only thing standing in our way is now is of course, the money. Why is it that when it is all said and done, it always comes down to the money? I simply cannot imagine getting to this point and not having the money we need.

So, we're going to up the anty...

Not only will you get the awesome iPad 2


You will get the iPad cover in your choice of color

And if that wasn't enough, we are also including a $50.00 gift card to iTunes to get you started with the apps of your choice.


These were the original ways to get entries for the awesome iPad 2 we are giving away.

1. For every $10.00 donated you will receive one entry or 3 entries for $25.00.
2. Post about the fundraiser on your blog then come back and post telling me you posted about it.
3. Post about the fundraiser on facebook.
4. Become a follower

Here are the NEW ways you can receive entries.

1. For every $25.00 donated, you will receive 5 entries!
2. For every $50.00 donated, you will receive 10 entries!
3. Post about the fundraiser on your blog, receive 3 entires!
4. Post about it on facebook, receive 3 entries!
5. Become a follower, receive 3 entries!

I know times are tough, and there are alot of great fundraisers going on right now, so please don't feel bad if you can't donate monetarily. We will definitely accept any and all prayers that we will raise the money we need by next week. There is nothing too big for God!

One final note, we have received some e-mails about people not wanting to donate through paypal, but would rather send a check. If you would rather do that, please e-mail me at and I will get you our address.

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TanyaLea said...

Wow, talk about loop holes. But there's nothing I like more than seeing a family press on and P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens) through the storms to bring their children home! God WILL see you through, of that, I'm certain!!

Sending big hugs your way and keeping you in my prayers! <><