Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Football, Shoes, Costumes, and a Haircut

I forgot to post this, this is what Sadie looked like before her haircut.

Blake had his last football game Saturday. This was THE championship game and his team was undefeated. Unfortunately, they lost. Blake was pretty upset about it, this being his last year to play for this league. Next year he will be an official Carroll Middle School Charger. Blake has played for this league for 4 years and has really enjoyed it and learned alot. He has a true passion for football. Although his team lost on Saturday and he was upset, he still had fun and that is what really counts. Matt and I are so proud of him for realizing that it is not always about winning or losing, but having fun.

Blake is #36, he is running right in front of the pole.

This was taken after the game. I felt so bad for these boys, they worked so hard this season. Notice all the bowed heads.

Such disappointment

Dad trying to make it all better. I love this picture.

After Blake's game, Matt's parents took Emma and Gabe to the lake for the night, so we took advantage of having only two kids and went to lunch and did some running around. Mylee had her first therapy appointment last week which went great. Her therapist suggested getting her a pair of tennis shoes so the next visit they can put lifts in them. Right now when she walks or stands she is so used to leaning back and putting all her wait on her heals. They are hoping that by adding lifts to her shoes, she will be able to walk a little better. The therapist also suggested getting her a riding toy that she can sit on and push around with her legs. This will help to stretch and strengthen her leg muscles. So, after the appointment we went to Toys R Us and bought her a riding toy and a little step stool. The riding toy look like a school bus so she thinks she is going to school like Blake and Emma. I am a little surprised by how flexible her knees are becoming. The right knee is bending quite a bit. She has even begun to bend it while walking. The left one is still pretty stiff, but making progress. She goes back to the therapist on Wednesday and First Steps should start next week.

Getting my feet sized for new shoes.

Trying on my new shoes.

Checking out my new kickers. She loves to look at herself.

After getting Mylee's shoes we decided to go to some local Goodwills in search of items for our Halloween costumes. Matt and I are having a party this year and you have to dress us. I am a little excited because I have not dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid. Anyway, we were able to find almost everything we needed for our costumes in one stop (Matt was very excited about this). Sorry, I can't say at this time what we are going to be, but rest assured, I will be posting pictures after the party.
As for the kids, Emma finally decided on a butterfly since Mylee is going to be a ladybug. Gabe wanted to be a Storm Trooper (Star Wars), but unfortunately, we could not find any in his size. BUMMER :). So, he has decided to be a dragon. The nice thing about him being a dragon is I don't have to buy anything because we have a dragon costume in the dress up box.

That sums up football shoes, and costumes, now on to the haircut. We took Sadie to the groomers on Sunday and got her shaved. TOTALLY. For those of you not familiar with Sadie, she is a full grown Old English Sheepdog. So to see her going from a full coat of white and gray hair to literally a buzz cut, it was pretty humorous and sad. She does seem to be happier though and the kids love her shaved. I'm not sure why...

Poor Sadie, that is all I can say.


Chad and Tara said...

Too funny! I can't believe that is the same dog!!! I can't wait to see Mylee walking in her new shoes? When are we getting together?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like 2 different dogs! I cannot believe that he isn't shy about the cut. We had a peek-a-poo who would hide under furniture after getting her haircut.
Mylee looks great, and oh so happy!


Kay Bratt said...

I agree...Poor Sadie...looks like a different dog! Why?! It's almost Winter...she needs that hair, right?

Oh, the rest of your blog is cute, too.