Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was filled with football, shopping, and birthday cake. Blake had a game on Saturday morning. His team still remains undefeated. This upcoming Saturday is the BIG championship game. I missed the last one because it was so cold and Gabe and Mylee did not have jackets yet. That is where the shopping comes in. On Sunday afternoon, my friend and I headed to Target and the outlet mall. Mylee now has a jacket, but I am still looking for one for Gabe. He is at that stage where toddler sizes are too small, but the boys sizes are too big. I am going to check a couple more places this week and will hopefully find something. On Sunday evening we had Matt's family over for cake to celebrate Blake's birthday. It was kind of nice not having to clean up a whole birthday party this year. Blake had decided to get a few of his friends together later this month for pizza at our house and then they are going to go to some haunted houses. Since I don't do haunted houses, Matt is going to be there taxi driver for the night. Blake is really looking forward to it. I just cannot believe is he 12! Anyway, just thought I would fill everyone in.
Below are some pictures from the weekend.

~Blake's Green Bay Packers Cake~

~Blake with his cake~

~Gabe's silly face~ He is such fun

~Emma loves being able to dress like Mylee. On Thursday night we had her open house at school and she could not wait to go and show Mylee off to everyone. I think she was more
excited about getting to dress like Mylee than showing us
her classroom.

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