Friday, March 20, 2009

Hope and Inspiration

I recently came across New Day's Foster Home and have been amazed at what they are able to do for special needs children. It is absolutely amazing. New Day is a foster home to special needs children in Beijing China. Some of the kids they have stay right there at New Day and then some of them go home with a foster family everyday and go back to New Day Monday -Friday for half a day pre-school. The facility is run by both Chinese and Americans. New Day not only provides these children with life saving surgeries and medical treatment, they also provide love, comfort, support along with the feeling of belonging to a family as they wait for their forever families.
I have completely submerged myself with their web-site as well as their blog. While looking around this morning, I stumbled across this video that was put together by New Day and shown at a Church. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that they are giving these kids hope. They are providing these children with (despite their medical issues) with experiences like no other.

Make sure you turn off the blog music before pressing play.

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Holly said...

If you could help me, I would love to post this on my blog. I have tried for half an hour to embed it, but it will only copy a portion of the link! I even tried "control +A" to get the entire link, but with no luck. VERY frustrating.
New Day saved my son when he lived in China. I LOVE them. Karen is the BEST! Please, if you can help, email me at
Thank you..I found you on No Hands But Ours- I am Josiah's Mommy.