Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update on Mylee's legs

WARNING! If you have a weak stomache, or cannot stand to see unpleasant picutes, you probably should not look at the following pictures.

Today I was supposed to take Mylee back to Riley to have the doctor put her back to sleep so her could pull and stretch on her left leg. In order to do this he was going to put her to sleep in the operating room, take off the left casts, and pull and stretch her knee to an even more bent position. BUT, on Sunday she started running a fever and it continued until Tuesday. Tuesday morning I called and left a message with the nurse explaining that Mylee was running a fever and complaining of her knee hurting. At this point, I am thinking she may have an infection. When the nurse called back she said there was no way they could use anestesia on her if she was running a fever and that we would just reschedule it until next week. Okay, no problem.
About an hour later the nurse called back to say that the doctor wanted me to bring Mylee down anyway so her could go ahead and take off teh cast just to make sure she did not have an infection. Again, no problem.
So, this morning Mylee and I left for Indianapolis. Mylee is always excited to see Dr. Loder who she calls "Grandpa." As soon as she saw him she said "Hi Dr. Loder, I missed you." He thought this was pretty cute. Anyway, he explained that he was going to cut a "window" in her cast just over her knee so he could check the scar. He was afraid to take off the whole cast becasue he did not think he would be able to get her knee in as good of a position without her being sedated.

So, the cutting began. Mylee is so used to casts being put on and taken off, that she just sits there patiently until they are done. Once the "window" was cut, the nurse lifted off the cast and I thought I was going to pass out (literally). I should probably mention first that she did NOT have any type of infection. In fact, Dr. Loder said it looks like it is healing very nicely. Yeah, I didn't think so. The nurse took one look at me and wanted to know if I needed to sit down. She said I didn't look too good. Luckily, I was able to get myself together and did not need to sit down. For some reason, I don't handle post surgery scars well. Mylee on the other hand was quite intrigued with her scar. She kept saying "Ooooo" and sticking her head down to her knee to really get a good look. She kept saying "take a picture mom." This was actually kind of funny, and yes I did manage to get a picture.

Once it was determined that she did not have an infection (Praise God), the "window" was put back on and Mylee insisted on it being wrapped in purple. I was not too thrilled with this decision but after trying to tell her they did not have purple her response was "yeah, right there, see momma, purple right there." At that point, I knew there was no telling her no.

Again, if you have a weak stomache, please do not look at the pictures.

Getting the "window" cut off her knee.

I think this one speaks for itself.

"I think I need a closer look."

Nice, really nice!

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amy said...

Poor Baby! Actually her incision looks great! I love the purple and pink :-) See you Monday