Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Top of the Morning to Ya"


Amazingly we were ahead of shcedule this morning so I took the opportunity to take a few pics of the kids since I have not posted any of all four of them in awhile. Other than the fact that it is a bit out of focus, I think they did pretty well for as early as it was. Blake and Emma were excited to go to school sporting their green for the day. Gabe keeps asking if he can take off his shirt because everyone keeps kissing him (mostly me) because his shirt says "Kiss me I'm Irish." I told him if he took it off everyone would pinch him instead of kiss him. This was his response "What! I don't want kisses or pinched, can you just stop." Poor Gabe. I have let up on the kissing and for now he is still wearing the shirt.

On another note, Matt went back to work yesterday! WooHoo! He is not sure how long he will be back. He was told it would be for at least 3 weeks, we are just praying that things turn around and he continues working.

Blake decided to go out for track this year. Being in the sixth grade, this is the only sport he can do for school. I was a bit surprised when he said he wanted to do track, but excited that he would be getting some exercise. He was so excited that not only did he make the team, but he is on Varsity. He is going to do sprints, and a couple of other things (I can't remember the others).

Yesterday was a beautiful day and the kids were finally able to go out in the afternoon and play in the backyard. I don't know who was more excited, me or them. Today it is supposed to be 70 degrees, so guess where they will be once it warms up. Unfortunately, the warm weather isn't going to last long, the rest of the week is going to be back in the 40's. Gotta love the Indiana weather.

Finally, the much anticipated pictures of Mylee's shoes. As you can see from the below picture they were pretty unappealing for a little girl. Before I even left the hospital I had BIG plans for these shoes...

Here is the finished product. Mylee LOVES them and kept asking for her pretty shoes this morning. Matt and the kids taught her to say "Mommy bedazzled my shoes." She was pretty excited to show them off. Between Emma's St. Patricks Day shirt that I made and Mylee's shoes, yesterday was a pretty successful craft day. When I was out Saturday getting the supplies to make the shirt and shoes, I also purchased a few other craft items. I am hoping to get a few more spring outfits done for the girls in the next couple of weeks. Let me know what y'all think of the shoes.

Talk about some BLING!


Chad and Tara said...

I would like to order a pair in a size 10 women's (yes, I have big feet). When will they be available for pick-up and what is the exact total (with tax)?



Stefanie said...

How CUTE!!! I am sure she is in LOVE with her new shoes, great job!!

Melanie said...

I love, love, love the shoes! Better not show them to my girls 'cause they'll want some too! You are so creative. :)