Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drew's September Update

Last week we rceived our September update on Drew. I have been so busy with school, kids, and making halloween costumes for my kids as well as some for money that I am just now able to get this up here. We are so thankful that we are able to receive these updates, but at the same time I feel a bit guilty because I know there are tons of families who are only able to get minimal information on their children and in some cases, nothing at all. So, as exciting as it is to get these wonderful updates, I always feel a bit of sadness for those who don't.

Dear Friends,

We hope this note finds you doing well, and that you enjoy reading this month's update.

Drew is 3 Years 6 Months Old.

Drew’s foster mom wrote this update:

Drew has been doing well this month. He is a very smart boy. When he gets up in the morning, he usually asks me cheerfully, “What are we going to eat today?” I will often answer, “Egg noodle, Drew.” He’ll reply, “It’s my favorite!” Then he asks, “Am I going to school today? I like going to school because I can draw pictures and play with jigsaw puzzles and sing. I am a big boy now and will behave myself while I’m at school.” Every time I hold him in my arms, he always tells me, “I miss you.” This pleases me very much. After he says this, I always hold him up and tell him, “You are my good boy. I will get some candy for you tomorrow.” Drew is such a lovely boy!

If you ever have any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your continued support.


New Day Staff


Tara said...

He's going to fit right in:)

Gavin's Family said...

Mandi, you are blessed to have these updates, but for those of us who don't get them we can at least try to get an idea of what our 3yr. old boys in China might be like through your sharing updates about Drew. Thank you for that;)

Adeye said...

Oh what a sweet little guy you have. I bet your arms are longing to hold him :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

What a precious update. I am in awe of New Day, once again!! Praising God with you for Matt's job! And to Drew, Mommy & Daddy are coming!!!!

Amy said...

He is just absolutely beautiful. Aren't those updates priceless?? Been praying for your family!!! Amy

TanyaLea said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling SO grateful but a little guilty at the same time. We are truly blessed that our children are in the wonderful care of NewDay! I count down the days when our next update will arrive. They are truly a priceless gift!! <><

LOVE the shades!!! :)

Wife of the Pres. said...

Hi Mandi, We were DTC 9/11 an still have not heard. :(( Maybe we will see you in China though!

I have to say that he looks so much older in this update. :( I know you can't wait to get your arms around him! Glad to hear of your husband's job.

Love your honesty on your blog!

Holly said...

What a sweet little boy! I love the new picture!


Wife of the Pres. said...

Have you seen the Operation Giggle blog?

Thought you might like to know about it!

This lady went to China w/ a travel mate of ours. She is a precious sister and I am amazed that she came home and is doing something BIG for some of the children still in China.

You can see her blog for more info, but basically she is getting people to help give the kids at New Day a very Merry Christmas!


tracy hanson said...

Thank you so much for the Goose Bumps that the update gave me Today. It is so nice to know that he is so Loved while he is waiting to come Home.