Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

We have been wanting to send a package to Drew for some time now, but with Matt recently being out of work, (he is still working)we put sending anything on hold. So, we really wanted to get something in the mail before the end of the month so I am sending this out today. Drew will be receiving two shirts, one pair of jean, one pair of glow in the dark jammies, two puzzles and some other little toys from the D*llar T*ee. We are also sending him the little white hard hat. There is a story behind the hat. One evening when we were skyping with Drew Matt put that hat and and Drew LOVED it. He literally tried to come through the computer screen to get it so we promised we would send it to him. Oh, and how could I forget the bag of candy and M&M's.

pictures 271

This was also included in Drew's package this month. As we were talking with Drew this past Sunday, Emma was drawing him a picture. She showed it to him but I had no idea she had written on it and included it in the box until I repacked it this evening. I especially love that she drew her eyes round and Drew's almond. She also made sure they had yellow shirts on because that is Drew's favorite color.
pictures 272

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Here is what the letter says on the back of the picture:

Dear Drew,

Hope you are having fun in China. Hay Drew did it snow there? Drew are you ready to come live with us yet Drew! Drew I really, really, miss you. Did you like the picture on the back. Hey Drew can you draw and write a note back to me!



By the way, if you missed my previous post you may want to check it out.


WilxFamily said...

Emma is amazing!! So sweet and thoughtful, from the almond eyes to the yellow shirt. So sweet. Aren't we so blessed to send packages, and KNOW our kids get them? New Day is amazing. The kids will love the M&M's
We are getting ready to send one to Evan...hershey kisses in ours. :0)

TanyaLea said...

OMGoodness! Complete and total optical leakage going on here!! That is one of the most precious letters EVER! Drew is so blessed to have a sister like Emma, and she is blessed to have Drew, too!! I SO hope he draws a picture for Emma now, too! What a hunny! I can't wait until we can FINALLY send Khloe a care pkg. Our agency has forbid it thus far, but our time is coming SOON! SO hard to follow the rules sometimes! grrrrr! ;) What a great care package... Drew is gonna LOVE it!


Tara Anderson said...

Emma's picture is TOO darling! Sniff...sniff :) What a blessed family yours is! And I KNOW that Drew is going to love getting all those goodies--I mean, who wouldn't love all that chocolate?!?!

Tara said...

That letter is so cute, Mandi!


Brendan and Melissa said...

Love how that letter shows Emma's heart. That is too cute!

psmoffitt said...

I just found your blog here in Indiana. I have an Asian daughter from Russia and we have been patiently waiting for a sister from China. Our referral will be next month.

I like your ideas for the care packages. I can't wait to have someone to send one to...