Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black & Wednesday ~ Birthday Boy

As much as I would like to take credit for this picture, I can't. Drew turned 4 on March 11, but these pictures were taken just yesterday. Rather than celebrate each child's birthday, New Day celebrates all the birthday at once.

Drew got his birthday package from us about a week ago, but they asked us if he could open it during the party which we didn't mind one bit.

Enjoy the pictures, I know we sure are. Although I did not take the below picture, I did enhance it for Black and White Wednesday.

This little dog dances around and sings "Who Let the Dogs Out."

Oh how I LOVE that face. I cannot wait to kiss those cheeks.


Lexilooo said...

Happy belated birthday Drew! I love the photo of him in the glasses, looking into the mirror! So sweet!

Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday Drew! Man that t last picture is gorgeous!!! And Jaxon is so handsome!!!

I've been on vacation and am just now catching up on you. God is awesome in the way he is providing for your adoptions! I am certain He will continue to make sure you have all you need to bring them home. I can't tell you how surprised I was to see my name on the list of winners for your fundraiser. I can't wait to hear from you and figure out I won. Oh how I wish I could do more...sigh.

Tara said...

love that picture of Drew!!

WilxFamily said...

WOW. I swear he gets cuter with every picture.

He seems to be so confident, outgoing and witty...I wonder what he'll be like in school. hee hee.

TanyaLea said...

Those are GREAT photos. But my favorite is with the 'nose' glasses on! ... that one is AWESOME!! ;)

Looks like one VERY happy camper! :)...uhhhmmm, I mean BIRTHDAY BOY!!!

Happy belated B-day Drew...the LAST one w/out your family!


Jean said...

What adorable pictures!! Great gifts, too! Looks like he is enjoying them!!

I have sent you e-mails- but I'm not sure if you are getting them- let me know! I don't want to hold up the process.

Blessing to you!!

Mandie said...

Happy Birthday Drew! He appears to have a wonderful fun personality. What a beautiful addition to a beautiful family!