Monday, March 22, 2010

Drumroll Please....

Wow! I seriously cannot believe we were able to raise $5,328.25! That. Is. Amazing. I am completely blown away by that number.

Before I annouce the winners, I want to take just a minute to thank each and everyone of YOU who helped us reach $5,328.75. Each one of YOU are such a blessing to our family. Some of YOU are friends, some are family, and some of YOU are complete strangers. Whoever your are, YOU have not only made a difference in the lives of two boys, but you have made a difference to our whole family. Because of YOU, we will travel to China to bring home not one, but two boys who desperately need a home, a family, someone to kiss them good night and tell them "I love you." YOU did that. So, go on, pat your self on the back, you deserve it.

Thank you so much for bringing us one step closer to a family of 8 (I can't believer we are going to be a family of 8). Thank you to those who donated, those who spread the word, those who left comments, and those who prayed.

So, here is how this is going to work. There are a total of 37 prizes. I will draw 37 names, the first winner will get to pick the prize they want, then the second winner will pick what is left, and so on and so forth until all the names have been drawn. If I contact you to let you know you have won, I will also include an updated list of items that are still available. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have ANY questions.

1. Jean Mulvahill
2. William Hagerdon
3. Brian Girdwood
4. Samantha Rawson
5. Norma Wilson
6. Gerald Hammersley
7. Denise Corbari
8. Peggy Heller
9. Kathleen Denny
10. William Hagerdon
11. Mandie Metier
12. Valerie Almquist
13. Jennifer Welsh
14. Gwen Wride
15. Jean Mulvahill
16. Carla Lambert
17. Gerald Hammersley
18. Mandy Murphy
19. Melanie Mannos
20. Zara Griswold
21. Kristen Jackson
22. Gerald Hammersley
23. Lisa Lansford
24. Melanie Mannos
25. Kristin Tadlock
26. Samantha Rawson
27. M Womble
28. Brian Girdwood
29. Jean Muvahill
30. Elwood Gupton
31. Kristi Tolman
32. Susan Gerow
33. Kate Nowland
34. Amy Miller
35. Brandi Thomas
36. Kimberly Brunton
37. Christine Berringer

I have had several ask me if I will keep the Chip In button on my blog because they are waiting on their taxes to come back . Yes, I will be putting it back up there, but unfortunately I will not be able to give anything away this time. Although we raised a ton of money, our ultimate goal was to reach $9500.00 to cover expenses. So, the new chip in will reflect the amount we still need.


Lori said...

Yay!! I'm so happy that you raised so much money! That is fabulous!!

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo...I see my name! I never win anything. :)

I'm so excited by the amount of money you raised. Just amazing. Can't wait to follow your journey to China.


TanyaLea said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm glad Jean won the first draw, she is a sweetheart! :)

Praise God for such amazing provisions. That combined with the fundraiser you did locally, should've brought you near the total. What an awesome God we serve! <><

Any word on your travels yet?


Jean said...

What a shocker to see my name- I never win anything!!

So excited for you - soon you will be bringing home 2 boys! Thank you Jesus!!

Congratulations!! Let me know what I am supposed to do!! woohoo!

Stefanie said...

Wonderful news!! And a big congratulations to Jean! Love seeing all those names up there of those big hearted people :)

Denise said...


Congratulations. I am so excited to see you bring these boys home. Also, I see I am number 7, yeah!!! Do I wait for you to contact me?