Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter In Pictures...

Rather than going through and sorting through the pictures I took over the weekend, I just put them in a slideshow today. Easter was pretty uneventful here this year. We were supposed to spend the weekend with my family in Southern Indiana but my van is making some weird noises and were advised by our mechanic not to go out of town until we get it fixed (yeah). So, it was just us this Easter and I will say, that it was kind of nice. The kids kept asking who was coming or where we were going but just couldn't come to the realization that it was just going to be us this year. Matt is working 3rd shift right now so he came home, watched the kids hunt eggs and go through their baskets and then he was off to bed until dinner. The kids and I watched movies played games and played outside. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

Enjoy the pictures


TanyaLea said...

awwhhh.... You have such cute kids, Mandi!! :) And wow, those are some NICE Easter gifts! Fun times that will only be better next year when your boys are home for the big hunt! Any word on your travels yet?

Have a blessed week!

p.s.>>> love your hubby's Santa shirt... even better than the Easter bunny! LOL!! ;)

Mike and Barb said...

And soon, hopefully very soon, you'll have the boys to join in the fun as well!!!!
Come on, TA!