Thursday, September 23, 2010

On The Road Again

Mylee and I are headed to Indy again today. Monday she had her post surgery check and the doctor said everything looked really good. He put a plaster splint on her leg after surgery so we were not able to see anything until he took it off. Honestly, I was a bit taken aback at the amount of bruising on her leg. It is pretty much entirely blue, but Dr. Havlick assured me that all was well and despite the bruising, it looked great and she could resume normal activity except taking a bath.

She was determined to go back to school yesterday and hobbled down the hallway step by step. Her leg is still sore, but she managed to get through the whole day and is actually walking pretty good today.

So, today we are going back to begin our once a week injections. Basically, she will be put to sleep while they insert fluid through a port under the skin. I am told this is very painful and that is why she needs to be put to sleep. We have to be there at noon and the procedure starts at 1:30 p.m. Mylee was not happy this morning when she realized she could not have breakfast this morning. I tried to explain to her why, and she wasn't getting it so I told her that on the way home we would stop for ice cream. That did the trick, and she is okay now with waiting to eat (we will see how long that lasts).

Please pray that all goes well today and she is not in too much pain. She is one strong little girl, that continues to amaze me every day.

Now, I must comment on Matt's post from Monday. Isn't he just the greatest? I am so lucky to have a husband that "gets it." And to answer several questions and e-mails, no we have NOT started the process to bring another child home however, we ARE int he process of getting things in order so we can. In other words, YES, we will be adopting again, but just not yet. Trust me, as soon as we begin the process, you all will be the first to know.


Kel said...

Wow you are a wonderful family! You may need a bigger house at this rate!!! haha! You're a lucky lady indeed to have such an understanding husband. I'm going to read some of that post to my hubby soon.

Thinking of poor Mylee at the moment... kinda strange I guess for a stranger from the UK, but you do get to know each other through this blogs! She's such a beautiful little girl, same as your other gorgeous children. xxx

The Ferrill's said...

Praying for sweet Mylee today...what a trooper she is.

Tara Anderson said...

Praying for Mylee, and anxious to watch God bring another blessing into your family!!!

Brendan and Melissa said...

Love your Mylee!!! So proud of her! Hope she's feeling better today.

I still think it's hysterical that Matt hijacked your blog...