Thursday, March 17, 2011

And They're Off

I am so excited that my friend Melissa is boarding a plane today to finally go to China to meet her new daughter. Melissa and I met a few months after we brought Mylee home at our agency's picnic. She and her husband were starting the paperwork to adopt from China, but couldn't actually submit their dossier until they both turned 30 in January (7 months later). And wouldn't ya know it that God had a few twists and turns in their process. While compiling their dossier paperwork, Melissa found out that she was pregnant which meant they would have to put their adoption on hold.

Even though they had to put their adoption on hold, Melissa continued to come to our mom's nights and playgroups (there is about 6 groups of parents right here in our town that have adopted from the same orphanage) and was taking it all in. I think of all of us, she is by far the most prepared for their adoption. We were completely honest with her at mom's night, we shared the good and the bad. We told her what to expect and what not to expect.

In March of 2010 their beautiful baby girl, Olivia was born and as soon as she turned one (because there needs to be at least a year in between the youngest kids in the home), they began the process to finally bring home their daughter from China. They were logged in in September and got their referral in October. They could not have been more excited!

Today (actually about this very minute), they are boarding a plane to complete the dream they started almost 3 years ago. I am so blessed to be able to share this journey with them, and even more blessed to call her my friend. I am SO excited for them and cannot wait to see Melissa with Cora in her arms.

You can follow their journey here if interested.

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