Friday, March 4, 2011


Matt, Gabe, Mylee, Drew and I all drove to Indianapolis Wednesday (2 hours from our house) to get our fingerprints. Our office does walk-ins on Wednesdays so in an effort to make up for some lost time, we decided to go ahead and do a walking even if it meant sitting in the office all day waiting our turn. With the kids in tow and plenty of snacks, games, and books, off we went.

Surprising, we were in and out of the office in less than 10 minutes. Actually we didn't even make it in to the office because the security guard would not let us. Apparently our receipt letter was NOT what we needed to do a walk-in. We needed our actual appointment letter in order to do a fingerprint walk-in. Frustrated does not even begin to describe how I felt at that moment. Luckily there was a lady that offered to check to see if we had an appointment in the system and said that if we did, she could go ahead and do our prints. We stood there (outside the office) for about 5 minutes before she came back to let us know that there wasn't anything showing we had an appointment yet. So, she said that once we did get our appointment letter, no matter when the appointment was, we could do a walk-in any day of the week.

So, we left, got in the car and I called the number on our receipt letter to see if there was anything anyone could do. After 15 minutes or so on hold, I finally was able to talk to a super nice lady who really did try everything she could especially when she realized we had driven 2 hours, with three kids, and were sitting in the parking lot. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do other than tell us that we were in Que for an officer and once an office was assigned to our case, an appointment would be made. So,we gave up, and drove home.

I just kept telling myself that no matter how frustrated I was, there was nothing I could do about it. I remember thinking to myself that this is another example of giving up control and just letting everything fall where it may.

This morning I called the Hague office and again spoke to a very nice man who informed me our appointment letter was mailed yesterday and our appointment is scheduled for March 29th. So, it should be here next week and hopefully, Matt and I are able to arrange our schedules so we can go back down next week.


Julie said...

Mandi- How frustrating!!!! Keep your faith and hang in there. All in God's time...

Tina Michelle said...

so frustrating. I hope the appointment goes well and as planned this time.