Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Splish Splash

It has been unbearabley hot here in the midwest the last couple of weeks. We have tried so hard to avoid the heat, but after a couple of days we were getting cabin fever so I took the littles to the new park and splash pad in town (the older three were in Myrtle Beach with G'ma and G'pa).

They had so much fun going from one thing to the next.










Yes, Gabe was there too, but he asked me not to take any pictures of him. He has been sick off and on and that day happened to be an on day, so he wasn't feeling too well. We are in the middle of trying to rule things out with our doctor, but still haven't ruled anything out. Our of no where he will have major stomach pains, vomitting and diarhea that will last anywhere from a day or two to over a week. It goes away as quickly as it comes and he will be fine for a while and then out of no where, he is sick again. We have ruled out all types of bacterias, celiacs (glutton allergy), etc. So, prayers that we figure out what is going on with him would be greatly appreciated.


We are on day 48 of our LOA wait. We are hoping and praying we hear something soon. Supposedly since we are reusing our dossier from the boys things are supposed to be faster, but I haven't heard from amny people that they are. So for now, we just sit and not so patiently wait.

I think we are going to extend the Vera Bradley fundraiser. As you can see, it is not doing so well. Please help us by spreading the word about it.

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Brendan and Melissa said...

Ah, so fun! It looks like they had a great time! (We're going to try our local splash park this am before it gets too unbearable outside.) But so sad that Gabe didn't want his picture taken... Praying you find out what's going on with him soon.