Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Mylee after getting casts off.
Mylee getting ready for new casts.
Daddy and Mylee on wave runner.

Wrapped in plastic so she can ride the waverunner.

Many of you have been asking how things are going with Mylee and her weekly castings. First let me apologize for not getting updates out sooner, but this summer has been busy and now that the kids are back in school, things are starting to settle down (at least during the day). Mylee had her first set of casts on July 23 and has since had a total of six castings. Each week we travel to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis where one cast is removed and another is put on. Each week Dr Loder (who by the way is amazing) bends her knees and they are then casted in that bent position. This has also been a great way for Mylee to learn her colors because each week we pick a new color. My has had pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and this week is light blue. We are amazed at how well this seems to be working. Dr. Loder is very pleased with her progress and mentioned last week that tomorrow may be her last visit for awhile. The last two weeks my father-in-law has taken Mylee to Riley for us because Matt and I are unable to get off work. Anyway, Mylee is very excited to go "bye bye" with Grandpa and I think he is enjoying the trips as well. Last week during her casting Dr. Loder told Steve that he was very pleased with the way her knees were looking and that these may be her last set of casts. His goal has been to get her knees to bend to about 95 degrees and as of last week they were at 90+. If her casts are taken off tomorrow and all looks well, she will come home with no casts!! She will however go to physical therapy 2 or 3 times a week and will need to wear leg braces at night when she sleeps. I am so hoping and praying that she does not need anymore casts and we can begin her therapy so she can get up and run and play with the other kids. I will have to say that having the casts have not slowed her down or kept her from doing anything. Up until just this past week, she had figured out how to balance herself on the casts to walk. Because of the degree they are bent this week, she is unable to walk. This weekend she even rode the wave runner at the lake. I put trash bags around her legs and Matt took her for a ride on the wave runner. She LOVED it. We cannot wait until next summer when she can swim and go tubing with her brothers and sister.

Below are some videos Steve took last week during her castings. (Make sure you turn off music (on the right) so you can hear the videos). If you click on the pictures above, they will enlarge.


Chad and Tara said...

Awesome new design! Love it!

Doug and Stephanie Withrow said...

Wow, your blog is beautiful. And it's so good to keep up on all our Nanjing "sibs". :-) Glad the castings are going so well.


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