Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our New Home

Well, not exactly. We did not actually move, just our blog. Earlier this summer I decided that we needed a blog makeover, with that came a new home for our blog. Originally when Matt and I set up the blog it was so family and friends could follow our journey to China to bring home our daughter. Now that we are home, there is still quite an interest in Mylee, the progress she is making with us and her legs, as well as curiosity about our other 3 kids. So, like many other adoptive parents, we have decided to keep the blog going indefinetly to keep everyone posted on our happenings. So, with all that said, for those of you visiting our blog for the very first time, you can see where it all began here. For those continuing to visit our blog, welcome back. I hope we have as much of a following with this blog as we did with our last one.

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