Monday, September 29, 2008

Treasures from Nanjing

Mylee (2), Clara (18 months ), Millie (2), Elsa (18 months), and Ava (3).

Ava and Mylee kissing. Ava is the daughter of Chad and Tara and who I was lucky enough to travel with to get our girls.

Earlier this summer I had all of the Nanjing girls over for a playdate with their moms. All of these girls were recently adopted from the same orphanage as Mylee and all live right here in Ft. Wayne. We are going to continue to get them together about once a month for playdates and so us mom can chit chat about our precious girls. They all had a great time with each other and I cannot wait to get them together again. Each one is so very special and absolutely adorable. It will be so nice for Mylee and the others to have each other as they are grow.

There will soon be a boy in the mix as his parents are "paperchasing" for little Samuel. He too is from Nanjing and will be home with his forever family next spring.


amy said...

I love your new site Mandi...How fun for our little Sammy to have all those beautiful girls to be friends with!! Thanks for all your words of encouragement today, I was really needing them! BTW, I got the official word today that the homestudy is now complete!!
Take care
(mom to Hua Yong Yang..aka Sammy)

Chad and Tara said...

Mandi, Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! They are all SOOOO cute!!!