Monday, September 29, 2008

First off, let me apologize for long delay in updates. Things here have been crazy. Now that the kids are back in school, that also means all the after school activities begin as well; dance, swimming, football, piano lessons, you get the picture. Plus, Matt is teaching for the union twice a week and I am back to school as well.
Since my last update, not much has changed. We are still waiting on Mylee's braces and her therapy to start. Her first set of braces were made wrong so we had to take her back in to have another set casted and we are just waiting on those to come in. As for her therapy, First steps was out last week to evaluate her. During the evaluation, they look at speech, cognitive skills, and gross motor skills. Since she has no problem with speech ( her English is amazing), they were able to pretty much skip over that part. They were also amazed at how well she understands everything and figures things out. So, they just evaluated her on her walking and as we were hoping, she does qualify for therapy from First Steps. They will be coming back tomorrow to fill our more paperwork, and will have a therapist in here within 10 days. YEAH! Since we have not been able to get her braces or therapy going, Dr. Loder (in Indy) wanted to see her just to make sure she had not lost any of the progress that was made over the summer. So, my wonderful father-in-law took Mylee back to Indy for a quick visit with the doctor. According to the doctor, she has lost a couple of degrees in each leg, but not anything he is overly concerned about. She will go back again in 6 weeks (hopefully by then she will have her braces and and have started therapy.

On a good note, Mylee is back to walking. After she had her lasts set of casts taken off, she lost alot of muscle strength in her legs so it took her awhile to learn to walk again. (Don't forget to turn the music off before playing the video). Sorry it is sideways, I haven't figured out how to turn it around yet.

Mylee loves to talk on the phone and has since we got her. For those who have been following our journey from the beginning, you may remember my post while I was in China about visiting hte orphanage. When we went back to visit the orphanage, her main caregiver was not there so they called her on the phone and Mylee sat at the desk and carried on a full conversation with her. The caregiver was asking her what she had been doing and Mylee told her she was playing with toys, balls and reading books. Anyway, in this video she is talking to my mom on the phone which she does daily.

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