Monday, September 8, 2008

No More Casts!!!

Last Thursday Grandpa and Mylee traveled to Indy again to see the progress from her last set of casts. Once the casts were off, Dr. Loder decided to leave the casts off and start physical therapy. YEAH!!!! Grandpa was able to get a really good video of Mylee after her casts were taken off showing how much her knees are bending. Before she had her casts, her knees did not bend at all. They were very stiff. They still seem to be stiff, but we are hoping that once she starts therapy, her muscles will continue to loosen up. Mylee seems to be quite happy without her casts although the first couple days she complained that her legs were hurting so we gave her some Tylenol. She didn't complain at all yesterday, so she must be feeling better.

Now we are just waiting to get her night braces and therapy started. She has an appointment next Monday to get fitted for her braces. Once these are made, she will need to wear them every night at bedtime. These will position her knees in a bent position while she sleeps. As for the therapy, because she is not 3 yet, she has to go through First Steps. This actually works better for me so I don't have to worry about taking time off work. The downside is that it takes quite awhile to get the therapy started. From the time she is evaluated by First Steps to the day they actually start the therapy takes about 45 days. I called Dr. Loder this morning and left a message with his nurse to let him know what the time frame was concerning the therapy. He wanted to see her back in a month to check her progress. From what I understand, her therapy will not have even started by then. So, I am not sure what is going to happen at this point.

Mylee is loving not having the casts on. As I was getting her dressed on Friday morning she was in a big hurry to get her shoes on. She is back to climbing on everything and figuring out how to get around since she can't walk again. With or without the casts, Mylee continues to amaze us with her strength and determination. She lets nothing get her down. Sometimes I look at her and think about how much she has already endured and overcome and wonder how she continues to keep her spirit. She is amazing in so many ways and I although she is learning from us everyday, I can't help but think how much she is actually teaching us.

Below are some pictures of her getting her casts off. The video is after the casts were off and her using her BENDED knees to get around. Don't forget to turn off the sound on the music before playing the video.

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